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Publication Date: 12/1/2011
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Assembleon Intros Back-End Assembly System
Pick-and-place for semiconductors.
Eindhoven, Netherlands — Assembleon has made its official appearance in the semiconductor industry with a dedicated solution. The company has launched the A-Series Hybrid, a new solution within its A-Series lineup targeting manufacturers in the semiconductor back end industry. The A-Series Hybrid introduces the company's proven parallel placement technology for applications like System-in-Package (SiP), Multi Chip Module (MCM) manufacturing and flip chip bonding.

Parallel placement goes hand-in-hand with the company's exclusive Programmable Placement Force Control. This avoids a common problem in semicon back end — cracked components due to uncontrolled placement processes. New, and exclusive features for the semicon industry on the A-Series platform are the fluxer dip station and high accuracy cameras, which support a qualitative placement process for typical back-end applications.

The introduction represents a single-machine solution for high-speed and accurate die bonding and chip shooting.

In addition, the A-Series Hybrid can bond flip chips at a repeatability of 10µ while placing at a record speed of 2,500 components per hour (cph) per single placement head. Die bonding speeds are 3,500 cph per head at 25µ, while passives are placed at 8,000 cph at 40µ. These speed rates include the fluxing action. The first A-Series Hybrid model on the market can carry up to three specialized Twin Placement Robots (TPR), holding two heads per robot for a total flip-chip bonding speed of 15,000 placements per hour per machine.

The A-Series Hybrid can also carry conventional placement robots for chip shooting for passives as small as 01005 (0402M metric coding). The machine can be configured with any combination of robots for passives or die to meet the needs of specific applications.

According to the company, the system provides over 99.99 percent first-pass-yield with a controlled pick-and-place process. The system is programmed with various closed-loop processes to control the picking and placing of components like die. During the controlled linear robot movement, it continuously monitors the position of the parts before placing them with the Programmable Placement Force Control feature, which can operate as low as 0.5 Newton. The system reportedly by the total elimination of impact forces — controlled by the advanced board collision detection mechanism. This extraordinary first-pass-yield of over 99.99 percent eliminates waste, rework and defective end products, and avoids the risks of cracked components, a common problem in back-end applications.

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