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Publication Date: 12/1/2011
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Micro-SIM Card Reader from Yamaichi
Micro-SIM card reader.
Munich, Germany — Yamaichi Electronics is launching the FUS006-8500-0, the first card reader for micro-SIM cards (3FF). With the FUS006-8500-0, Yamaichi is opening up a new group of high-quality card readers in the FUS series, specially developed for micro-SIM (3FF). 3FF is the Third Form Factor card, a smaller version of the current SIM card. The current SIM card is 25 x 15mm in size. In the micro-SIM, the outer lengths are only 15 x 12mm. The miniaturization of the card has led to a miniaturized card reader as well.

The FUS006-8500-0 card reader is a very flat top-mount device, only 1.34mm thick. Its outer dimensions are 16 x 14mm. It has 6 gold-plated contacts that, like many other card readers from Yamaichi, have a 2-point contact shape. This shape is designed in such a way that it maintains reliable contact even when subjected to vibration and shock.

The card reader also prevents incorrect insertion of the card. A special design feature automatically stops the card when it is inserted in the wrong direction.

The insulating body of the card reader is made of LCP, while the metal cover is made of SUS. Four ground connections provide outstanding EMI protection.

The unit is mounted with SMT soldering on the top of the PCB (top-mount type). The card reader is delivered on tape-and-reel.

Contact: Yamaichi Electronics USA, Inc., 475 Holger Way, San Jose, CA 95134 408-715-9100 fax: 408-715-9199 E-mail: Web: ? or

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