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Publication Date: 12/1/2011
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Weidmuller Intros New Transient Protection
Transient protection DIN-rail block.
Richmond, VA — Weidmuller is adding 80 VSSC models to its Varitector range, giving customers new low-cost, high-density options, for lightning and other transient protection for control equipment. Recently awarded UL (497B) approvals, the VSSC range completes the Varitector surge product offering for signaling, which includes hazardous area and SIL options.

The new VSSC models have 4- or 6-pole rugged, compact terminal-sized housings for DIN-rail mounting. Targeted for measurement, control and fieldbus applications, typically in Water and Waste sectors, VSSC is rated for discharge currents up to 20kA (8/20µs).

The company's VSSC range complements the existing SPD II range aimed at low voltage power distribution applications, to complete an extensive DIN-rail mounted surge protection offering for industrial installations. Both ranges provide a combination of wire-to-ground and wire-to-wire protection, include high quality terminations for field connections, and also make a ground path via the (grounded) DIN-rail. A combination of gas discharge tubes, varistors and suppression diodes, in single- or multi-stage configuration are used to protect nominal voltages between 5VDC and 230VAC. They protect analog current and voltage loops, DC and AC status signals, and a wide variety of serial interface and telephone network installations.

A status monitoring option helps ensure continued protection, by means of integral LEDs, for many VSSC6 (6-pole) models, which show when a replacement module is needed. Other features include colored product marking to help users quickly identify different working voltages between modules mounted together, models for protecting floating signals and models with integral disconnects to make testing easy.

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