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Publication Date: 12/1/2011
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IPC APEX EXPO Tackles Industry Issues
Bannockburn, IL — Two full days' worth of free BUZZ sessions at IPC APEX EXPO® 2012, will address the impact on industry of conflict minerals, embedded technology, process defects and supply line issues such as counterfeit parts. This is all happening at the 2012 IPC APEX Expo from February 28 to March 1, at the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California. Hitting on the issues the industry is buzzing over, seven BUZZ sessions will offer industry members an ideal forum to learn about issues from subject-matter experts and get direct answers to their questions.

"Issues like conflict minerals are extremely complex, so it's important that individuals in our industry get access to credible information on these topics and the opportunity to understand how their companies may be impacted," says Greg Munie, Ph.D., IPC conference director.

Buzz Sessions
The IPC APEX EXPO BUZZ sessions kick off on the afternoon of February 28 with Bob Willis and Christopher Hunt, Ph.D., of the National Physical Laboratory, presenting "Tin Whiskers, Delamination, Copper Dissolution, CAF, Coating Adhesion". Hunt and Willis will share the results of some of the most interesting and innovative research work conducted at NPL on these defects. Their session will continue with free mini sessions and individual troubleshooting on the show floor at the NPL Defect Database Clinic.

With insights into the future, Jack Fisher, Interconnect Technology Analysis Inc., will highlight key discoveries of the 2012 IPC International Technology Roadmap and how the document can be used as a sort of GPS to guide companies in their development of business and market strategies and to validate and justify capital investment.

In "Embedded: Emerging Technologies" on February 29, Mark Beesley, MB Manufacturing, and Vern Solberg, Solberg Technical Consulting, will provide an in-depth look at where embedded technology is going and what the industry can expect to see in the coming years.

Conflict Minerals
Focusing on the massive implications and complexities of the recent conflict minerals regulation in the U.S., the session "Are Conflict Minerals the New RoHS?" will host a respected panel of experts who will provide the latest information on the SEC regulations, guidance, and industry tools to help companies meet legal and customer requirements that will rapidly flow through the entire supply chain.

On March 1, the panelists in Supply Line Issues will go beyond the issues of price, quality and delivery to shed light on how to effectively deal with the growing concerns of obsolescence, quality and compliance of parts and counterfeit parts in the supply chain.

In addition, a session on solar power will be back by popular demand to provide an update on this growing alternative-energy market and a session showcasing the top three research papers from IPC APEX EXPO's International Academic Paper Competition will be presented.

In total, seven free BUZZ sessions will be presented at IPC APEX EXPO over three days.

Industry Challenges
Genuine electronics manufacturing industry concerns, challenges and problems will be addressed in 50 professional development courses. Covering critical issues in design, manufacturing, assembly and test, the courses go beyond theory to provide practical solutions to industry challenges.

This year, with a little help from social media outlets, instructors are gathering input on actual challenges that industry engineers, PCB designers and manufacturing technicians face. According to Susan Filz, IPC director of industry programs, "Conversations on IPC social media outlets, including LinkedIn, Facebook and IPC Technet, will ensure that courses provide, not only the premier standard of education, but also practical and direct solutions to real challenges."

"The value gained by participants is ten-fold when instructors can directly address individual needs or concerns," says Filz. She adds that instructors like Dr. Bhanu Sood, University of Maryland, and Bob Willis, of are already engaging in dialogue with industry and others are expected to join in conversations online soon.

IPC APEX EXPO faculty members are top experts in the industry, including: Daniel DiTuro, Honeywell International; Dale Lee, Plexus Corp.; Dr. Rita Mohanty, Speedline Technologies; Dr. Michael Osterman, CALCE; Douglas Pauls, Rockwell Collins; David Pinsky, Raytheon Corp.; Christopher Ryder of AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG; Cheryl Tulkoff, CRE, DfR Solutions; Phil Zarrow, ITM Consulting; as well as other distinguished technologists.

The professional development curriculum includes: "Counterfeit Components — Causes, Cures and Solutions" (PD09); "Design and Packaging for Space Hardware and Other High-Reliability Applications" (PD12); "Best Practices in Electronics Assembly Processes — Parts I and II" (PD-13 and PD-17); "Preventing Production Defects and Failures" (PD-15); "Controlling Moisture Content in Boards: Best Practices" (PD19); "Failure Analysis: Lessons Learned" (PD23); "PoP and BTC Assembly — Material, Process and Reliability" (PD-26); "HDI: Introduction to Processes and Products" (PD34); "Lead-Free Assembly for High Yields and Reliability" (PD37); "Design and Assembly Challenges of BGAs and BTCs" (PD39); "Tin Whiskers: Origin, Propensity, Mitigation" (PD42); "Practical Tips for Rework of Advanced Packages" (PD-51)

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