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Publication Date: 12/1/2011
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Juki Intros Hi-Speed Compact Mounter
Entry-level JX-200 placer.
Morrisville, NC — Juki's new JX-200 high-speed compact mounter is a compact entry-level placement machine that uses the same placement system as the existing JX-100LED. The new machine not only uses a standard laser alignment system, it also uses a high resolution camera for vision placement. With a IPC9850-rated speed of 13,900 cph for laser placement and 4,400cph for vision placement, the JX-200 provides superior cost performance, versatility, reliable quality and ease of operation. The JX-100LED now offers the capability to handle boards of up to 1200mm making it indispensable for low-cost, high-speed LED tube production.

The company's upgraded FX-3R now provides a maximum throughput of up to 90,000 cph, along with the largest placeable component range in the high-speed placer market. It meets these incredible performance figures with its capability to handle components measuring up to 33.5mm2 and accommodating up to 240 x 8mm tape feeder lanes.

The company has also introduced the KE-3010, a matching chip shooter for combinations with the KE-3020V and FX-3R, allowing the high-speed placement of the widest range of components up to 12mm height and with 160 x 8mm tape feeder lanes. With a maximum component height of 25mm, the KE-3020V model is now able to offer the on-the-fly centering through the use of a high-speed camera.

Contact: Juki Automation Systems, Inc., 507 Airport Blvd., Morrisville, NC 27560 919-460-0111 Web:

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