Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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Glenbrook Intros JewelBox-100Max
Jewel box x-ray inspection system.
Randolph, NJ — Glenbrook Technologies is introducing the new JewelBox-100Max microfocus Real Time X-ray Inspection System. This system now has an Oversize Cabinet allowing an additional 30cm on each side permitting inspection of panels up to 50 x 60cm, yet still maintaining a compact size with small footprint.

As with all Glenbrook systems, the Jewel Box 100Max employs the company's patented x-ray camera technology for true magnification fluoroscopy while providing up to 2,000x magnification and up to 100kV anode voltage. This machine is now being used to inspect BGAs, PC boards, wire bonds and to check for counterfeit electronic components. Side ports permit safe access to the chamber interior for a reel-to-reel option permitting dynamic inspection to detect counterfeit electronic components.

With its compact design, the machine offers an affordable, easy-to-use machine to handle small boards as well as large densely populated backplanes. The company's systems are in use at over 2,000 facilities in 50 different countries.

Contact: Glenbrook Technologies, 11 Emery Avenue, Randolph, NJ 07869 800-600-8866 or 973-361-8866 fax: 973-361-9286 Web:

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