Monday, June 25, 2018
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Essemtec Doubles Scorpion Dispensing Speed and Accuracy
High speed dispensing system.
Aesch, Switzerland — Essemtec is introducing the new Scorpion automatic dispensing system. The machine is built on the Paraquda machine base, which enables highly accurate dispensing and performance of up to 100,000 dots per hour. The machine can be equipped with up to four different dispensing valves and is designed for flexible and productive dispensing in electronics manufacturing, LED assembly and other industries.

The Scorpion dispensing accuracy is stated at ±25µm. The exceptional performance is achieved due to the new dispenser base, the Paraquda machine platform. Its XY-portal is built on a robust mineral cast chassis that provides excellent damping and smooth motion at high speed. The H-Drive uses precision linear measuring devices to guarantee highest accuracy.

The XY-drive is reportedly so powerful that it can move up to four independent dispensing valves simultaneously. This minimizes changeover time between different applications and allows multiple media to be dispensed in one run.

The Scorpion implements a Twin Dispensing mode for high volume production. Two valves can dispense simultaneously at two different locations, and the distance between the valves is adjustable.

Typical twin dispensing applications include LED manufacturing and electronics assembly with multiple printed panels. When the distance between two panels is constant, two jet valves can apply glue dots simultaneously. Twin dispensing can double throughput for such applications.

The working range of the Scorpion is larger than most other dispensing systems. The dispensable area is specified at 650 x 500mm (25.6 x 19.7-in.) for a standalone machine and 510 x 470mm (20 x 18.5-in.) for inline machines. However, the working area can be used flexibly and can be equipped with customer-specific substrate holders.

Each of the dispensing valves — up to a maximum of four — is equipped with an independent, highly accurate C-drive with a 85mm stroke (3.34-in.). As such, the machine can dispense on multiple levels, and it can dive into cavities or vault over components.

Almost any kind of dispensing valve can be used with the Scorpion. Standard valves include Time-Pressure, Archimedean Screw and Piezo-Flow-Valve for solder pastes. The ideal valve for an application is determined by the user or by process specialists.

The maximum performance of the Scorpion is achievable with Jet valves that allow drops to be shot over several millimeters and, therefore, does not need vertical motion. The Jet valve recommended by Essemtec provides a wide application range. It dispenses liquid media and highly viscose pastes as well as filled adhesives or cyanacrylates.

The Jet valve solves many otherwise difficult dispensing tasks. It even can dispense continuous lines by placing dots close to each other. Large and small volumes can be altered, which is not feasible with other valve types.

If the substrate is warped, a constant distance must be guaranteed. For this, Scorpion includes an accurate, fast regulation system that uses a high-precision laser sensor which scans the substrate prior to dispensing — providing an accuracy of 1µm. During dispensing, the position of the dispensing head is automatically corrected and follows the surface.

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