Friday, April 20, 2018
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Speedprint Launches Screen Printer
Fast, versatile screen printer.
Tampa, FL — Speedprint, part of the Blakell Europlacer Group, has introduced the Speedprint SP700avi Screen Printer to the North American market. The new unit combines the company's commitment to high performance and reliability.

The system has been designed to cope with the rigors of high-volume SMT production while incorporating the flexibility needed in high-mix, quick product setup and changeover environments.

It provides 6 Sigma alignment capabilities, using 1µm resolution linear encoders on all axes combined with a suite of intuitive software that enables total control of the printing process. A rigid one-piece frame is the foundation for the simple, solid-state design that will provide many years of reliable service.

The system has special Look Down/Look Down vision that facilitates optimized board-to-stencil alignment, yielding 20µm performance at 2 Cpk. In addition, the system is equipped with such standard features as auto stencil load/unload, fully programmable vacuum assisted stencil cleaner and optical inspection of the paste bead. 2-D post-print bridge detection and various tooling solutions are available as options.

Contact: Speedprint Americas, 5804 Breckenridge Boulevard E, Tampa, FL 33610 E-mail: Web:

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