Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Krayden Now Offers Dow Corning's PV-804 Sealant
Dow Corning sealant available from Krayden.
Denver, CO — Krayden, Inc. is introducing Dow Corning's PV-804 Sealant, formulated for room-temperature curing. The sealant is available in black or white, and offers protection against environmental degradation, thermal cycling stress, mechanical vibration shock and moisture.

The neutral, long-term bonding sealant is silicone-based and is a proven solution in the PV industry, providing strong adhesion to standard photovoltaic substrates.

Contact: Krayden, Inc., 1491 W. 124th Ave., Denver, CO 80234 800-448-0406 or 303-280-2800 fax: 303-280-0178 E-mail: customerreply@krayden.com Web:

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