Sunday, April 22, 2018
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High Quality Fume Extraction from Etek
Dual-arm fume extraction system. .
South Ayrshire, Scotland — Etek Europe and BOFA International are offering the single and dual arm, high volume fume extraction units. The Bofa V200 and V250 are high performance, UK manufactured, fully functional arm extraction systems designed primarily to extract the fumes generated during hand soldering in the electronics industry.

These portable systems come complete with extraction arms and installation kits that contain everything required to set up one or two operators with ease. Minimal installation allows the units to be moved with the work bench when factory layouts need changing. These low noise level and fully comprehensive filtration units are especially suitable for factories with changing production demands. The BOFA V200 is a single arm system, designed to extract fumes for one operator and is suitable for factories with changing demands. The BOFA V250 is a dual arm system and is designed to protect two operators who are located either next to or opposite each other.

Contact: Etek Europe Ltd., Etek House, Knowside, South Ayrshire, Scotland KA19 8JS +44 (0) 1292 500 645 E-mail: Web:

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