Friday, June 22, 2018
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World Micro Enhances Counterfeit Detection Capability
Atlanta, GA — World Micro, a global distributor of electronic components serving the medical electronics, commercial, military, and aerospace markets, has recently added XRF and high-volume X-ray to its in-house quality assurance capabilities. Its new technology investment takes World Micro's quality assurance to an impressively higher standard, making it possible to perform a deeper and more comprehensive analysis of components and conduct X-ray inspection of 100 percent of components on large reels. This action was taken to help provide its customers with more protection from the growing threat of counterfeit and substandard electronic parts.

The new Oxford Instruments XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) tabletop analyzer, which has been installed in World Micro's Atlanta facility, as well at its Penang facility, enables detailed chemical analysis of components to spot deviations from specifications. This high precision equipment provides rapid analysis and can detect even low levels of suspect materials.

The XRF capability is particularly important in light of the more stringent RoHS standards now enforced by the European Union. Under the RoHS directive, manufacturers are required to produce documentation, including conformity risk assessment and test reports, for a wide range of parts and components.

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