Wednesday, March 22, 2017
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Conecsus Appoints Tom Mitchell North American Business Manager

TERRELL, TX - Conecsus, LLC, an innovative environmental technology and recycling company, has appointed Tom Mitchell to the position of North American Business Manager.  Tom comes to Conecsus with more than 30 years of experience in the electronics manufacturing and metals industries.
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FSInspection to Exhibit High Magnification Visual Inspection Systems at WESTEC

ST. PETERSBURG, FL  ― FSInspection will exhibit its complete series of high magnification visual inspection systems in Booth #629 at WESTEC, scheduled to take place Sept. 15-17, 2015 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California. Designed for today’s industrial markets, the series includes the VERSAMag® High-Magnification HD Inspection System, HDMag® High-Magnification Visual Inspection Station, X-Mag Machine Vision Station and PKMag® 50 Portable Visual Inspection Device.
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NCAB Group USA Opens a New Division on the West Coast

HAMPSTEAD, NH  ― NCAB Group, one of the world’s largest suppliers of printed circuit boards (PCBs) with headquarters in Sweden, is expanding in the west with the opening of its first west coast office. Located at 1499 SE Tech Center Drive, Vancouver, WA, the office is just across the Columbia River from Portland, OR.

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Storing Solar Energy for Rainy Days

Albuquerque, NM — Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories are working to lower the cost of solar energy systems and improve efficiencies in a big way, all due to a system of small particles.
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Ultrasonic Bonding on Lifesaving Mission

West Chester, PA — The same ultrasonic bonding technology that is used in electronics assembly has come to the aid of our armed forces and emergency responders by ensuring that anchor points for straps on body armor are totally reliable and in compliance with Federal standards. This means compliance ...
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PCB Book-to-Bill Results Mixed

Bannockburn, IL — IPC® Association Connecting Electronics Industries has released the May findings from its monthly North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Program. Sales were down slightly but orders were up. The book-to-bill ratio held steady at 1.02.
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Gene Weiner Named Chairman of PhiChem Advisory Board

Shanghai, China — PhiChem Corporation, parent company of PhiChem America, Inc., has appointed Gene Weiner, President of Weiner International Associates, to Chairman of its Advisory Board.
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ON Semiconductor Introduces Series of Advanced Image Co-Processors for Next Generation Automotive Camera

New solutions deliver higher resolution, multiple interfaces and new automotive-targeted features for 1080p and 720p automotive rear view and surround view cameras

PHOENIX, AZ - ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON), driving energy efficiency innovations, enables high dynamic range (HDR) 1080p automotive camera systems, with the introduction of a new series of image co-processors.

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HARTING M12 Female Slim Design Connector Extends Versatility of M12 Connectivity

ELGIN, IL - HARTING is expanding the opportunities for M12 connectivity by adding a female version to its successful M12 X-Code Slim Design connector series.
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Personalized Service Reigns Supreme at BGS

Apopka, FL — Located only a few miles north of Orlando, Best Global Source (BGS) is a full-service electronic contract manufacturer (ECM) that specializes in printed-circuit-board (PCB) assembly and electro-mechanical box builds. Founded in 2000, the minority-owned small business ...

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Fab Equipment Growth Continues into 2015

San Jose, CA — SEMI has updated its World Fab Forecast report for 2015 and 2016. The report projects that semiconductor fab equipment spending (new, used, for Front End facilities) is expected to increase 11 percent (US$38.7 billion) in 2015 and another 5 percent ($40.7 billion) in 2016. Since February 2015 ...
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Sandia Making LEP Base Wafers

Albuquerque, NM — Sandia National Laboratories has begun making silicon wafers for three nuclear weapon modernization programs, the largest production series in the history of its Microsystems and Engineering Sciences Applications (MESA) complex.
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IPC: Report on Lead-Free Electronics in Mil and Aerospace

Bannockburn, IL — A new market research study, "Issues and Outlook for Lead-Free Electronics in Military and Aerospace Applications," examines the current and future state of lead-free usage in high-reliability applications, and is available from IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries®. ...
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New Yield Improvement Product Launched at SMT

A big question at SMT Nuremberg, "Is the In-Line X-Ray system now obsolete?" was answered at the kickoff by SmartLoop, Sales Director, Keith Bryant as he opened the Global Press Launch of what could be a game-changing new testing methodology that relies on products from Mirtec and Yxlon. Bryant ...

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SMTA China Awards Megan Wendling for the 7th Consecutive Year

Naples, FL — Megan Wendling, President of MW Associates, a global all-electronics marketing and electronics assembly consultancy agency, has received the Councilor of the Year Award from SMTA China for the seventh consecutive year.
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Graphene May Hold Future for Spintronic Devices

Gothenburg, Sweden — Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have discovered that large area graphene is able to preserve electron spin over an extended period, and communicate it over greater distances than had previously been known. This has opened the door for the development of spintronics, with ...
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At Wacker, Silicon Is Key to the Future

Munich, Germany — Silicon. It's the 2nd most plentiful element in the earth's crust. We see it and use it everywhere in compounds and certainly in electronics, and hardly ever give a thought to where it comes from or how it managed to get into our lives.
The pedigree of Silicon and its importance in the world of electronics was certainly driven home during a recent high-level press conference given by Wacker, a company that has been a major consumer of silicon material and has now upped its ante by acquiring more sources of this common but crucial metallic element.

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Self-Driving Cars Hampered by Poor Clock Precision

Gaithersburg, MD — Our fast-approaching future of driverless cars and "smart" electrical grids will depend on billions of linked devices making decisions and communicating with split-second precision to prevent highway collisions and power outages. But a new report released by the National Institute of Standards ...
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PCB Book-to-Bill Ratio Strengthens

Bannockburn, IL — The IPC® — Association Connecting Electronics Industries — has released the February findings from its monthly North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Program. Although sales remained sluggish, bookings increased over last year, strengthening the book-to-bill ratio. ...
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New Way to Grow High-Efficiency Solar Cells

Los Alamos, NM — A new solution-based hot-casting technique developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory allows growth of highly efficient and reproducible solar cells from large-area perovskite crystals.
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