Tuesday, August 30, 2016
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IPC: Report on Lead-Free Electronics in Mil and Aerospace

Bannockburn, IL — A new market research study, "Issues and Outlook for Lead-Free Electronics in Military and Aerospace Applications," examines the current and future state of lead-free usage in high-reliability applications, and is available from IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries®. ...

New Yield Improvement Product Launched at SMT

A big question at SMT Nuremberg, "Is the In-Line X-Ray system now obsolete?" was answered at the kickoff by SmartLoop, Sales Director, Keith Bryant as he opened the Global Press Launch of what could be a game-changing new testing methodology that relies on products from Mirtec and Yxlon. Bryant ...

SMTA China Awards Megan Wendling for the 7th Consecutive Year

Naples, FL — Megan Wendling, President of MW Associates, a global all-electronics marketing and electronics assembly consultancy agency, has received the Councilor of the Year Award from SMTA China for the seventh consecutive year.

Graphene May Hold Future for Spintronic Devices

Gothenburg, Sweden — Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have discovered that large area graphene is able to preserve electron spin over an extended period, and communicate it over greater distances than had previously been known. This has opened the door for the development of spintronics, with ...

At Wacker, Silicon Is Key to the Future

Munich, Germany — Silicon. It's the 2nd most plentiful element in the earth's crust. We see it and use it everywhere in compounds and certainly in electronics, and hardly ever give a thought to where it comes from or how it managed to get into our lives.
The pedigree of Silicon and its importance in the world of electronics was certainly driven home during a recent high-level press conference given by Wacker, a company that has been a major consumer of silicon material and has now upped its ante by acquiring more sources of this common but crucial metallic element.

Self-Driving Cars Hampered by Poor Clock Precision

Gaithersburg, MD — Our fast-approaching future of driverless cars and "smart" electrical grids will depend on billions of linked devices making decisions and communicating with split-second precision to prevent highway collisions and power outages. But a new report released by the National Institute of Standards ...

PCB Book-to-Bill Ratio Strengthens

Bannockburn, IL — The IPC® — Association Connecting Electronics Industries — has released the February findings from its monthly North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Program. Although sales remained sluggish, bookings increased over last year, strengthening the book-to-bill ratio. ...

New Way to Grow High-Efficiency Solar Cells

Los Alamos, NM — A new solution-based hot-casting technique developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory allows growth of highly efficient and reproducible solar cells from large-area perovskite crystals.

Single-Atom Carbon Nanotubes to Boost Semicon Performance

Madison, WI — University of Wisconsin-Madison materials engineers have made a significant leap toward creating higher-performance electronics with improved battery life, and the ability to flex and stretch.

CEA Smart Grid Products Added to Catalog of Standards

Arlington, VA — According to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the Recommended Practice for the Installation of Smart Grid Devices, CEA/CEDIA-CEB29, has been added to the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel's Catalog of Standards. Today's homes include many products that connect to each other over a ...

Juki Expands into New Silicon Valley Site

Fremont, CA — It was bound to happen. After all, the bulk of Juki's business has been in California's Silicon Valley for years and, in fact, West Coast customers had been serviced from a stocking distribution site in Fremont. Now that role has been vastly expanded with the official opening ...

Huawei Biggest Gainer in Global PV Inverter Market

El Segundo, CA — Despite SMA and ABB maintaining their first and second market-share rankings, both companies' market share for the first three quarters of the year has declined. According to the latest "PV Inverter Market Tracker" report from the Power and Energy service of IHS Technology (NYSE: IHS), SMA ...

NIST Issues New Revision of Guide to Assessing Security Safeguards

Gaithersburg, MD — The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released the final version of the 2014 update to its core guide to assessing the security and privacy safeguards for federal information systems and organizations. The revised guide was issued in draft for public comment last August ...

Using Innovation to Improve Manufacturing

Founding a new company during an economic downturn may seem counterproductive, but that's how JAVAD EMS started out four years ago — during an economic downturn — with the belief that both equipment and process investments had to be made to keep pace with the company's technology ...

Michael Carano Appointed IPC Ambassador Council Chair

Bannockburn, IL — Michael Carano, director of new products and business development with OM Group Electronic Chemicals, LLC, has been appointed as the new chairman of the IPC Ambassador Council. Carano, who currently serves on IPC's Board of Directors, succeeds the late Dieter Bergman.

Linde, Sandia Partner to Expand Hydrogen Fueling Network

Livermore, CA — Sandia National Laboratories and industrial gas giant Linde LLC have signed an umbrella Cooperative Research & Development Agreement (CRADA) that is expected to accelerate the development of low-carbon energy and industrial technologies, beginning with hydrogen and fuel cells.

Streamlining Solar Thin-Film CIGS Plant

Despite photovoltaics (PV) being one the fastest-growing energy technologies, the sharp decline of price levels in the worldwide solar module market has forced manufacturers to re-engineer production processes and streamline their operations to stay competitive.

Fuel Cell Infrastructure Getting Better

Sacramento, CA — Fuel cell powered automobiles are very hungry for hydrogen and a badly needed infrastructure is being put in place in fits and starts. With nine operational hydrogen filling stations, California has more such installations than any other state in the U.S. And it ...

IPC Study Forecasts Moderate PCB Growth Through 2017

Bannockburn, IL — The North American printed circuit board (PCB) market saw a moderate decline in 2013, but moderate growth is forecast through 2017, according to IPC's 2013-2014 Analysis and Forecast for the PCB Industry in North America.

Onshoring Rules at Syncron EMS

Onshoring has many faces, and the most important one is to simply keep the business at home, providing jobs that had flown overseas for many years. There are several aspects to this, most importantly to provide customer OEMs with exactly the product they want without delays, language ...

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