Monday, June 18, 2018

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Schleuniger: Latest Cable Strip & Cut Technology

Manchester, NH — The latest wire processing solutions will be shown by Schleuniger including the innovative PowerStrip 9550 MR — the company's latest cut and strip machine with enhanced front panel software and templates for inline coaxial cable processing.
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SEHO: Starter Wave Soldering System

Erlanger, KY — SEHO North America, Inc. is showcasing the redesigned GoWave — a powerful soldering system for those just entering into mass-soldering operations. The system is suited for a variety of applications ranging from entry-level mass-soldering to soldering in small- or medium-sized batches  It also provides an economical soldering solution for universities, schools and laboratories ...

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Sonics: Touch Screen Ultrasonic Welding Supply

Newtown, CT — Sonics & Materials, Inc. is demonstrating its new SmartControl series of power supplies, bringing the benefits of color touch-panel technology to a full line of sophisticated microprocessor-controlled ultrasonic welding generators.
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Sonobond: Ultrasonic Wire Splicer

West Chester, PA — Sonobond Ultrasonics is exhibiting two examples of its innovative technology — both the Dual Head SpliceRite Ultrasonic Wire Splicer and the SeamMaster High Profile Ultrasonic Textile Bonder.
The Dual Head SpliceRite represents a major breakthrough in fast, dependable wire splicing. The SeamMaster High Profile Ultrasonic Bonder, on the other hand, demonstrates the important role that ultrasonic technology plays in a variety of textile applications, including the assembly of filters, medical disposables, and body armor ...

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Viscom Intros Desktop AOI System

Duluth, GA — Viscom is introducing the S2088-II desktop AOI inspection system to the US market. This new system is designed for automatic optical inspection (AOI) of paste print, pre- and post-reflow, and THT solder joints. The system now includes a high-performance 8M camera technology with the ...
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3D Laser Scanning Microscope from Keyence

Woodcliff Lake, NJ — The new Keyence VK-X Series 3D Laser Scanning Microscopes combine the capabilities of SEMs and non-contact roughness gauges with the simplicity of an optical microscope. This newly released system, called the VK-X200, now provides an unprecedented 0.5 nanometer Z-axis resolution ...
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ACE: Range of Selective Soldering Systems

Spokane Valley, WA — ACE Production Technologies is showing a range of selective soldering technology and systems including the KISS-104 and KISS 101B selective soldering machines, plus the company's new Programmable Fluxer and Dual Nozzle feature.
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Air Ionizers from Virtual Industries

Colorado Springs, CO — Virtual Industries Inc. is showing several advanced manual vacuum handling systems including the VIR-STAT Air Ionizers (VS-100) which eliminate static charges in ESD-sensitive assembly areas. The air-ionizers are available in various configurations, including two benchtop ...

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Aqueous Technologies: Green Defluxing

Rancho Cucamonga, CA — Aqueous Technologies Corp. is highlighting the Trident XLD, calling it the industry's most environmentally responsible fully automated defluxing and cleanliness testing system. Unlike other closed-loop defluxing systems, the XLD is capable of removing all flux types including ...
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Ascentech Intros Ionic Cleanliness Tester

Chester, CT — Ascentech LLC, North American distributor for GEN3 Systems Ltd., is introducing Gen3's new CM-Series Ionic test system, which utilizes a solid gold test-cell, ballistic amplifiers, and high volume pumping systems to ensure superior measurement precision even at very low conductivity ...
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Assembleon Fast Product Changeover

Alpharetta, GA — Assembl{AE}on is featuring its "M" Series autoplacers — a choice based on the nature of electronics manufacturing in the US. Because of frequent changeovers of short-to-medium production runs, the highly flexible "M" series is in the spotlight.
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Bosch: New Ironless Linear Motors

Charlotte, NC — New ironless linear motors by Rexroth position small masses with superior precision and maximum synchronization. Not only are the motors in the MCL ironless product line extremely dynamic, they are also easy to integrate into machines. Typical areas of application include assembly ...
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Christopher: Electronics Manufacturing Products

Santa Ana, CA — Christopher Associates Inc. is showing the latest equipment and materials from its world-class suppliers. Top of the list is the MAGNUS HD high definition inspection system which reportedly offers the highest image quality in the industry with superb ergonomics. Measurement capability, magnifications up to 104X, and true 1080P performance reportedly give the instrument a versatility and range of applications found in no other system ...

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Cobar: Lead-Free Solder Paste and Wire

Breda, Netherlands — The Balver Zinn Group's Cobar Solder Products Inc. is showing its lead-free SN100C-XF3+ solder paste and wire. The product accommodates extended reflow profiles with or without the use of nitrogen. With XF3+, wetting on all common pad finishings is excellent, yielding shiny joints reminiscent of leaded solders. It also exhibits a robust printing window.

According to the company, the

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Electrolube: Two New Green Products

Ashby de la Zouch, UK — Among the many ranges of products on display, Electrolube is showcasing two new products with improved environmental properties — FREH Freezer, a powerful refrigerant, and EADH Air Duster. Both products have been developed without the use of harmful gasses and contain a ...
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Engineered Materials: Epoxies and Conductive Ink

Delaware, OH — Engineered Materials Systems is an ISO 9001/TS 16949 registered manufacturer of adhesives, conductive adhesives, potting compounds and encapsulants, serving the appliance, automotive, filter, lighting, medical, microelectronics and solar industries.
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Europlacer: Autoplacer and Stencil Printer

Tampa, FL — Europlacer is demonstrating its XPii-II pick-and-place machine along with sister company Speedprint's SP700avi 29-in. (736mm) Inline Stencil Printer. The pick-and-place machine is a seamless, high-speed extension of the highly flexible iineo SMT pick-and-place platform, with two rotary ...
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Fisnar Intros Free Video Trial Service

Wayne, NJ — Fisnar Inc. is now offering a special service: Free Video Trials. Fisnar Inc. makes a wide range of fluid dispensing and dispensing automation systems, offering application solutions for adhesives, glue, cyanoacrylates, silicone, RTV, anaerobic resin, epoxy, and UV cure formulations. \par ...
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FKN: Singulating Thin Flex Pre-Scored PCBs

Millis, MA — Tooling rails from FKN Systek help guide and fix thin PCBs for a safer depaneling experience. Thin pre-scored printed circuit cards — 0.060-in. (1.5mm) or less — can be difficult to align during the singulation process. FKN Systek provides a PCB guide rail set which assures that ...
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GPD Global Intros PCD Dispensing

Grand Junction, CO — GPD Global is introducing its Positive Cavity Displacement (PCD) "H" Series high resolution pumps. The PCD Dispensing provides next-generation volumetric dispensing and is compatible with materials used in electronics assembly such as epoxies, thermal greases, underfills, oils ...
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