Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Doubling Daily Production with Quick Changeover
MC-5X autoplacer with feeders on removable trolley.

The time of dedicated production lines with limited changeover are gone. Production volumes are steadily increasing, while batch sizes are decreasing to compensate for the greater variety in end products. This is especially true in North America. This shift in manufacturing philosophy is forcing manufacturers to adapt their planning, and reduce business volatility to stay profitable.

To deal efficiently with a variety of production orders, Assembléon is introducing its new member to the MC factory solutions: the MC-5X — a cost-effective, compact pick-and-place machine using the Assembléon's Manufacturing Suite (AMS) software to produce more orders per day than possible with less flexible autoplacers.

Doubling Daily Production
To achieve the most in small batch or prototyping manufacturing, it is important to shorten data preparation time, setup time and changeover time and to make optimum use of the equipment, getting the best throughput at any time and for any batch size. The MC-5X solution with its AMS optimizing and scheduling software and NPI features bring just such a combination to the table. It provides the opportunity to double the number of products normally manufactured in any given work day.

Rush Orders
Improved scheduling will not only reduce changeover times, but reducing the number of feeder changes also reduces the risk of incorrect setups and ramp-up time loss. Or worse: wrong products!

Assembléon's scheduling software aims for the most effective job setups to deliver products just-in-time with the smallest amount of changeovers needed throughout the day. It also provides the possibilities to change temporarily feeder positions to squeeze in rush orders after which it restores the setup to its original condition — making it possible to continue the normal schedule that had been interrupted.

Avoiding Losses
Along with meeting manufacturing needs, a variety of solutions provide the fastest possible method to set up the system for a new product run. The intelligent feeder and setup verification system make sure no wrong part is on the system. A graphical setup list allows the operator to double check the part orientation in its package (e.g. tape). Upon scanning the reel, the correct feeder pitch is immediately programmed into the feeder, avoiding any wrong pitch settings.

The small intelligent tape feeder's unique design allows tape unloading in just 5 seconds and loading within 20 seconds. At least 3 times faster than traditional pneumatic or mechanical designs. This can also be done with small pieces of tape making it an ideal NPI/prototyping feeder.

In addition, the machine's adaptive pickup position feature automatically adjusts the feeder to the most optimum pickup location. Setup and ramp up has never been so easy.

Preparing machine setups can be done offline on removable trolleys with the same setup verification systems, allowing full feeder exchange within a minute. This offline setup can be performed while the machine is working on a different job using a different feeder trolley, so virtually no time is lost performing the setup.

Standard integrated tape cutters assure that there is no hassle with used tape during trolley or feeder exchange. Accelerating flexible setups for trolley or non-trolley based systems, is the adaptive feeder setup solution that allows placing a feeder with components anywhere on the machine (any free slot) after which the machine will automatically re-optimize its program with one push of the button. The intelligent AMS software can reserve a fixed number of feeder slots for this feature while other feeders contain components that are used over a multiple of setups. Changeovers have been reduced to a matter of minutes.

Best Throughput
The unique multi-pipette head design of the MC-5X, also valid for other MC equipment, allows each system to handle the full range of components. Together with internal buffer positions, programs are always balanced over the production line providing not only the best output, but also the best throughput.

The MC-5X is a true compact multifunctional pick-and-place machine with an icon-driven, graphical and intuitive, interface. With a small footprint of 1.8m2 (19.7-ft.2) and a maximum speed of 20,000 components per hour (14kcph IPC9850), it is capable of hosting up to 108 intelligent tape feeding positions, can handle board sizes up to 575 x 460mm and covers the complete component range from 01005 to 100 x 45mm and components up to 15mm in height. The MC-5X is available in a basic fixed feeder-bank configuration as well as a trolley configuration for increased changeover flexibility. Its efficient use of energy and air also reduces energy consumption by 40 percent compared to similar equipment in the industry.

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