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An Absolute Advantage
Part of the production floor at Absolute Turnkey.

Absolute Turnkey was founded in 1996 with the intent of developing a service that would support OEM products from inception to conception. Having been in the industry for many years, the founders listened to their customers regarding what they were looking for: fair pricing, on-time delivery and high quality. Today, the company prides itself on its leading position as a manufacturer of the complete end-to-end EMS solution. This end-to-end approach helps customers to rapidly introduce innovative new technology — providing the extra measure of speed-to-market. This speed-to-market starts with engineering services and extends into prototypes and pilots, and then into production.

"We strive to run a high-quality business where employees as well as customers take priority," explained President Michelle Gaynor. "We provide resources to grow both the company and each individual employee, and use our skills to ensure a safe, green environment that enhances relationships at all levels."

Absolute Turnkey supports low-to-medium-volume high-mix electronics assembly requirements. Its primary customer base consists of medical and military customers who require class 3+ assembly. Its customers include medical equipment suppliers, and homeland security, for such products as laser subassemblies, biomedical products, communications and RF wireless devices, as well as numerous other high-tech sectors. Because of this, the company currently is working on receiving ISO 13485 certification.

The company also offers complete top level box build and PCBA assembly for OEMs and the EMS marketplace. It also has a full test department with the latest state-of-the-art equipment, which allows the company to offer a less costly solution for ICT. In addition, it has production capabilities for through-hole, surface mount, BGA, µBGA, X-ray, ICT, functional testing, AOI, flying probe, electro-mechanical assembly and chassis assembly. Gaynor adds that RoHS-compliant and "Lean" manufacturing techniques are deployed throughout its entire manufacturing process.

RoHS Solution
Absolute's RoHS solution addresses the need for regulatory compliance by proactively controlling the production environment. It actively ensures compliance of the supply chain by inspecting for uncertified AVL components at the incoming receiving stage.

The company's newest enterprise is the recently introduced Absolute Test Advantage program. With its extensive testing capabilities, it can offer many solutions to customers that ensure 100 percent product reliability and flexibility. The Absolute Advantage program was developed to provide customers with the ultimate in flexibility, while getting their products to market speedily. The combination of flexibility and speed is what sets the Absolute Advantage apart from other EMS providers. In addition, the program helps customers to rapidly introduce innovative technology, which provides a speed-to-market solution for OEM customers. The complete solution also provides speed in getting OEM customers' products to market quickly. The end-to-end solution is especially suitable for engineering services, prototypes, pilots as well as production. This program served such customer market segments as medical, semiconductor, military, communications, and many more.

Differentiating Itself
Knowing that there are numerous EMS providers out there, the company constantly strives to differentiate itself from the rest of the pack. The Absolute Advantage program is one way of doing this — but the company has another important attribute: a zero-defect standard that sets it well above the rest. It is able to perform and deliver reliable products quickly — maintaining a proven track record of high quality, on-time price performance, achieving a successful year-over-year growth. Highly flexible and agile in its approach to projects, consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations, Absolute Turnkey sets itself apart from the mainstream vendors.

The company has continuously reinvested in infrastructure, systems and most recently installed solar power to reduce costs and environmental impact in an effort to go "green."

Absolute's vast experience in New Product Introduction (NPI), coupled with its in-house capacity to integrate mechanical and electronic components, makes the company an excellent partner for the green technology sector. It guides customers through all of the critical stages including production of first product, then builds on its established relationship. This provides customers with numerous benefits, including the capability to integrate electronics and mechanical components, while receiving guidance on the manufacturing processes such as best practices from design to engineering and production. Confidence is built by exhaustive testing of new products prior to introduction, and faster time-to-market and volume production levels, which satisfies both entrepreneurs and their investors.

The company has built a good foundation helping customers with green technology. A startup LED lighting company engaged the company to help support its NPI to high-volume manufacturing needs. Absolute not only produced the initial prototypes, but also developed complete manufacturing, test and quality plans to take the customer rapidly from prototype to volume. This included developing custom processes, as well as providing invaluable redesign feedback aimed at reducing costs in volume production.

A solar energy company hired Absolute to build display panels for a house to monitor the usage of naturally produced electricity from the solar panels installed on the rooftops. The customer understood the need for high reliability since analysts scrutinize performance and uptime of anything new in the marketplace. In response, the company designed a scalable manufacturing process for production at the highest quality levels.

Absolute Turnkey operates on the premise that successful companies never stand still. As a result, it strives to stay in motion and does this, in part, by thinking ahead to the future. For example, in five years, Gaynor sees the company expanding with a full service organization somewhere in the North Bay area. She also says that her five-year goal is to double the company's current sales figure, bring in-house design services to its present facility and develop a Single Package Single Location (SPSL) Material Handling System (MHS) in order to lean the company's manufacturing process. "We will lead the Absolute Turnkey team in this direction so that customers will benefit from increased productivity, improved product quality and time-to-market, reduced cycle times and manufacturing costs, and on-time delivery."

Big plans, to be sure. It will take a company with an Absolute Advantage to meet this goal.

Contact: Absolute Turnkey, 555 Aldo Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95054 408-850-7530 ext. 303 E-mail: Web:

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