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Publication Date: 10/1/2011
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SD Card Reader from Yamaichi
Munich, Germany — Yamaichi Electronics now offers its FPS009-2920-0 and FPS009-2970-0, two new Push/Push SD card connectors.

The FPS009-2920/2970-0 card readers belong to the FPS009-29xx-0 series, which have partly been developed for applications in the automotive sector. The new "family members" offer interesting technical features that make them suitable for use in automobiles.

In general, the two new models are identical, except for the fact that the FPS009-2920-0 is the top-mount version and the FPS009-2970-0 is reversed-mount. The main technical attraction of the Push/Push connectors is the orientation of the card detection switch.

In contrast to the designs of many conventional card readers, the card detection switch that registers the presence of the card is not at the back end of the reader, but is directly at the start of the introduction area for the SD card into the reader. The advantage is that the card reader already activates during insertion of the card before the card reaches its final position. This special feature makes sense particularly for applications with folding displays. For example, it makes it possible to prevent a card (which is inserted into the card reader in the opened state) from being damaged when the display is closed, since the card reader can prevent the display from being closed when the presence of the card is confirmed.

The closed metal cover and the four grounding tabs also ensure particularly good EMC behavior. The reader has two card brakes that effectively prevent the card from being thrown out. Additional functions include the smooth push-in/push-out card insertion and ejection mechanism with a defined eject distance, soft-lock mechanism for the SD card and a write-protect switch. The card reader supports cards that comply with the DIO standard. Packaging and delivery is on tape-reel belts.

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