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Publication Date: 10/1/2011
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Sonobond: Ultrasonic Spot Welding
Ultrasonic welding system.
West Chester, PA — Two of Sonobond's ultrasonic metal welders are especially suited to helping manufacturers make the assembly process quick, reliable, and cost effective. The SonoWeld® 1600 Digital Metal Spot Welder is suitable for welding multiple layers and/or delicate foils to tabs or terminals, as well as for assembling pouch cells.

Another model, the Dual Head Metal Spot Welder, has proven its capability of welding up to 80 layers of foil to tabs and terminals in just one pulse. According to the company, it is the only ultrasonic metal spot welder with this capability.

Lithium-ion and NiMH rechargeable batteries have a wide variety of applications.

These include consumer products such as laptops, cordless and cell phones, video game controls, and toys. They are also used for electric cars (all-electric and hybrid), industrial emergency lighting, power tools, and other essential technology. Manufacturing these batteries often requires that multiple layers and/or delicate foils be welded to tabs or terminals. Sonobond's ultrasonic technology enables this to be done quickly, cost-effectively, and in an environmentally-friendly way.

The SonoWeld 1600 can weld up to 20 layers of foil, while the Dual Head Spot Welder confidently accommodates as many as 80 layers without tearing the delicate foils. In both cases, the weld is accomplished in a single operation that takes only seconds. Durable bonds are created without using heat, current, fluxes, or fillers. So there are no arcs, sparks or fumes produced, and there is no melting of the weldment.

The power supplies for these two models have a built-in microprocessor that permits storage and recall of over 250 weld protocols and provides automatic frequency control and overload protection. A digital display allows selection of weld parameters by time, energy, or distance.

Both machines have heat-treated tool steel Taper Lock Tips that can perform up to 100,000 welds. These are designed for fast, convenient removal and replacement. In addition, the two models — like all of the company's equipment — can be operated easily with only minimal training.

All of the company's metal spot welders are made in the U.S.A. and have the unusual, patented Wedge-Reed bonding system of high vibratory force and low amplitude coupling. Shear mode vibration, parallel to the welding surface, is utilized while the line of force is directly over the parts to be welded. This creates true metallurgical bonds that are precise and dependable. There is no bending stress or stalling. This is the only ultrasonic system with the capability of one-pulse welding of most oxidized and tinned metals without pre-cleaning.

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