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Publication Date: 10/1/2011
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BMG Intros Smaller Power Toroids
Heavy-duty toroid power transformers.
Shelton, CT — Bridgeport Magnetics Group Inc. is introducing a new line of dry-type single-phase and three-phase low voltage (<600VAC) distribution transformers suitable for industrial, healthcare, commercial buildings, shopping malls, schools, theaters, churches and libraries and other applications.

The BMG standard series of three-phase distribution transformer includes input/output voltages 480VAC Delta — 208V Y/120V, 240V/120V at 60Hz or 1:1 ratios. Primary taps are optional, and power ratings range from 5kVA to 37.5kVA single phase and from 15kVA to 112.5kVA three-phase configuration.

Mounted inside sleek rectangular steel enclosures with epoxy powder coated exterior in green color, the high efficiency of the transformers is representative of toroidal core designs, well exceeding the guidelines of NEMA's new Premium Efficiency Transformer Program.

Compared to other transformers on the market, in addition to the average 50 percent reduction of enclosure dimensions, the total weight is 40 percent less, generating considerable savings in transport and installation costs. Due to very low transformer losses, the temperature rise at full load is less than 80°C, allowing use of non-ventilated enclosures.

The inherently quiet operation of the toroidal transformers inside the low-profile enclosures make these distribution transformers well suited for interior baseboard installation. Where floor space is at premium cost, the distribution transformer enclosures can be easily wall mounted vertically or horizontally.

Inside the enclosure, wire termination is made with screw-type terminal blocks, and stud-type connectors are optional. The enclosures come with a watertight, hinged, locking door. The removable connector panel has a watertight seal.

Contact: Bridgeport Magnetics Group Inc., 6 Waterview Drive, Shelton, CT 06484 800-836-5920 or 203-954-0050 fax: 203-954-0051 E-mail: Web:

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