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Publication Date: 10/1/2011
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Hot Crimp Resistance Welding from Strunk
Automatic wire joint welding system.
Kirchen-Freusburg,Germany — Flexible welding systems from Strunk are used to process and weld magnet wires in production. The company makes the technology available in benchtop as well as machines for volume production. The system can weld wires from AWG30 to AWG 350 MCM — a size that's larger than AWG 0000, the largest size on the American Wire Gauge.

There are several advantages of the resistance welded (hot crimped) joints: extremely high conductivity without any voltage drop because of low contact resistance; high tensile strength (high pull forces) of each single wire without slip effects during pulling; no aging over product lifetime; passes all testing methods in automotive and medical industries; no effects of vibration or temperature on the connection; no effects of envriomental circumstances on the connection; full automation of the process possible.

The welding process vaporizes the insulation of magnet wire at the weld joint, and this has no effect on the final welded splice; the vaporized insulation is carried off by fume extraction equipment.

Special tooling with optimized cooling guarantee optimum weld time and therefore the lowest cost per connection. Long setup times are avoided by special quickchange fixtures.

Contact: Strunk Connect Automated Solutions, Inc., 39 Scenic View Dr., Deep River, CT 06417 860-227-0683 fax: 860-526-9296 Web:

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