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Publication Date: 10/1/2011
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Christopher Associates: New Solar Technologies
Tonsan sealant used in PV assembly.
Santa Ana, CA — Christopher Associates Inc. now has available an extensive range of new technologies aimed at photovoltaic manufacturing. The latest sealants and potting compounds come from Tonsan, Asian manufacturer of frame sealants and potting compounds used in module manufacturing.

A new module lamination technology is being shown from Orient, China's largest module laminator manufacturer.

Zoomlight high performance FFC/PET/FFC backsheet material is made for photovoltaic module manufacturing. Zoomlight backsheet materials are UL, TUV, and SGS certified, and are in high-volume use by several of the world's largest photovoltaic module manufacturers.

PV tabbing and stringing ribbons from Sunlight, a specialist in tabbing and bussing PV Ribbons, are intended for both mono/polycrystalline module and thin film module manufacturing.

GSMC photovoltaic metallization pastes are part of the company's entire new range of front- and back-side metallization pastes for cell manufacturing.

Also available from Christopher Associates are equipment and materials including: the MAGNUS HD high-definition inspection system which reportedly offers the highest image quality in the industry along with excellent ergonomics. Measurement capability, magnifications up to 104X, and true 1080P performance provide a versatility and range of applications reportedly not available elsewhere.

Another product is the new Koki S01X7C48-M500 low silver alloy solder paste. With spiraling metals costs, the new, patented formulation offers excellent melting and wetting (<0.3mm dia CSP 0603 Chip) at super fine pitch, low-halide content (CL+BR<1500 ppm), and excellent printability and process parameters, while reducing material costs substantially.

The Akila XR-3 X-ray inspection system from WKK offers vastly superior performance inspecting high-density electronics assemblies including µBGA and CSP packages.

Also available, the Intek Plus SPI-4000 SPI system offers superb accuracy and performance. The inspection system requires less than 15 minutes programming time of, while providing real-time SPC, excellent GR&R and an excellent support network.

Contact: Christopher Associates, 3617 W. MacArthur Blvd., Santa Ana, CA 92704 714-979-7500 fax: 714-557-6904 E-mail: Web:

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