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Publication Date: 09/1/2011
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Tecate: Hybrid Capacitors Have Wide Temp Range
SMT supercapacitors.
San Diego, CA — Tecate Group has introduced the MXCPB and MXCPT Series of aluminum-polymer hybrid construction capacitors. The new SMD series combines the super-low ESR (equivalent series resistance) advantages of polymer capacitors with the low leakage current characteristics of aluminum electrolytic capacitor technology.

Highly stable when exposed to temperature fluctuations, most components notably have operating temperatures from -55 to +135°C, and load life ratings to 2,000 hours. Devices are offered in voltage options ranging from 6.3 to 63VDC, and with capacitance values from 10µF to 560µF. To further optimize engineers' design flexibility in applications where space is at a premium, the capacitors range in size from 6.3mm diameter x 7.7mm long to 10 x 12.5mm.

The solvent-resistant MXCPB and MXCPT Series of SMD hybrid aluminum-polymer capacitors' super-low ESR and high capacitance values enable low impedance at high frequencies to support excellent noise suppression and ripple absorption in a wide range of consumer, industrial and automotive electronics including PC servers, networking equipment, flat-panel TVs, power supplies and inverters. In automotive applications, parts are used to boost energy efficiency in engine-management and electronic fuel-injection systems, gearbox controllers, steering aids, and in motors for windshield wipers and fans, along with oil, or water pumps.

The new MXCPB Series is available in nine capacitance values ranging from 22µF to 560µF and voltage options of 6.3, 10 and 16VDC. They are provided in case sizes of 8 x 10.5mm and 10 x 10.5mm with operating temperatures from -55 to +125°C. Load life is 2,000 hours at +125°C.

With an operating temperature range of -55 to +135°C, capacitors in the MXCPT Series are offered in 15 capacitance values ranging from 10µF to 330µF and in voltages of 25, 35, 40, 50 and 63VDC. These components may be ordered in 4 case sizes ranging from 6.3 x 7.7mm long to 10 x 12.5mm. At +135°C, the 6.3 x 7.7mm parts' load life is 1,000 hours. All other components in this series have a 2,000 hour load life. Both series' capacitance tolerance is ±20 percent. Devices are available in Pb-free and RoHS-compliant versions and supplied tape-and-reel.

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