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Publication Date: 09/1/2011
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Practical Components Adds New Test Boards
Test board.
Los Alamitos, CA — Distributor Practical Components has added new test boards and kits for testing for process cleanliness and conformal coating. The new PCB-B-24 standard test board is compliant with the IPC Phase 3 cleaning and cleanliness test program. It was designed to be a vehicle for examining the interactions between laminate, surface metalizations and fluxes. It is the primary qualification vehicle for ANSI J-STD-004, which is the IPC specification on fluxes.

The four comb patterns are identical and have 16 mil lines and 20 mil spaces. These values were chosen for ease of stencil printing solder paste, and the board can be wave soldered with minimal chance of solder bridging.

The test board is an excellent vehicle for narrowing down fluxes or solder material, or testing material interaction.

The company's newly updated Dummy Component Catalog is the most comprehensive to date. Since the first catalog in 1997, the resource has grown to be the most indispensable tool in electronics design and production. The catalog includes technology that cannot be found elsewhere: dummy components that not only have the same exact materials but also are made on the same production lines as the live components, as well as all the "standards" and the future technology.

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