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Publication Date: 09/1/2011
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FKN: Singulating Thin Flex Pre-Scored PCBs
Singulating small, semiflex PCBs.
Millis, MA — Tooling rails from FKN Systek help guide and fix thin PCBs for a safer depaneling experience. Thin pre-scored printed circuit cards — 0.060-in. (1.5mm) or less — can be difficult to align during the singulation process. FKN Systek provides a PCB guide rail set which assures that the score-line of the PCB matches up perfectly with the linear blade of the K3000 depanelizer. This helps prevent the problem of blade run out, which occurs when the thin board is not held perfectly level during the process.

Depanelizing 18 up to 24-in. (457 to 609mm) skip scored PCBs is made easy and convenient with the K3000 Linear blade PCB singulators. These Made-in-USA manual PCB depanelizers are available in standard 18 and long 24-in. blade versions. To cleanly separate the pre-scored boards, just place the bottom score-line of the PCB onto the linear blade and pull the circular blade across the top score-line. This separates the panels without dust or scrap.

An adjustable front and back table can be tilted so that separated panels can slide onto a conveyor line. Standard FR4 PCBs as well as Aluminum or Copper pre-scored panels can be separated using this equipment.

Adjustable blade guards on each side of the circular blade provide operator protection from the working area. These can be moved up and down in order to provide a gating gap so only the score-line of the PCB can pass between the guard and the linear blade. Blades are made of long lasting tool steel.

Also available is a motorized linear blade PCB depanelizer which separates the panels when the operator steps on a foot switch.

Contact: FKN Systek, 115 Pleasant Street, Millis, MA 02054 508-376-2500 fax: 508-376-2505 E-mail: Web:


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