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Publication Date: 09/1/2011
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Air Ionizers from Virtual Industries
Workstation air ionizer.
Colorado Springs, CO — Virtual Industries Inc. is showing several advanced manual vacuum handling systems including the VIR-STAT Air Ionizers (VS-100) which eliminate static charges in ESD-sensitive assembly areas. The air-ionizers are available in various configurations, including two benchtop units that direct ionized air to the workspace directly in front of an assembler. One unit has an RS485 port for data collection, while the other does not. Overhead ionizing units are available for controlling larger areas.

In addition to protecting ESD-sensitive components, air ionization reduces "stiction" when handling extremely small insulative components. Stiction occurs when two surfaces with areas below the micrometer range come into close contact, such as a small part probe and the part being handled. The part sticks to the probe and will not release. Ionizing the air neutralizes the static charge and associated stiction.

The Small Part Handling Kit (TV1000-SP8-BD-MAG1), the company's show special, is for parts as small as 01005. This general-purpose vacuum handling tool plugs directly into 110V 50/60Hz. The compact unit will handle a variety of optics, ball lenses and SMT parts used in the industry today. The kit includes a set of rubber tipped vacuum tips as well as a set of eight small parts tips.

With the Small Part Handling Kit, parts as small as 0.05-in. (0.10mm) are handled without damage. A vacuum tweezer eliminates lost parts associated with mechanical tweezer handling. The long-life diaphragm vacuum pump generates up to 10-in. of mercury with an open air flow of 2.3 lpm. The unit connects to ground automatically with a three-wire power cord.

Contact: Virtual Industries, Inc., 2130 Victor Place, Colorado Springs, CO 80915 719-572-5566 fax: 719-572-5504 E-mail: Web:

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