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Publication Date: 09/1/2011
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OK Int'l Launches Next Gen Desoldering
Next generation desoldering station.
Garden Grove, CA — OK International has launched its MFR-1300 Desoldering System, part of its next-generation of standalone desoldering equipment. The system builds on existing MFR technology by incorporating a new innovative design that allows the hand-piece to be used in two configurations. The user is therefore able to swap the grip on the hand-piece from the standard pencil-grip to a pistol-grip style, making the MFR-1300 extremely flexible for a variety of different applications.

The MFR-1300 has a special power supply with an internal pump which provides 0.7 bar (21-in. Hg) of vacuum suction force combined with Smartheat® Technology, which reportedly provides productivity-boosting response and control. This feature ensures that through-hole desoldering is made as simple as possible and ensures products are safe from damage. Other benefits of the system include a dual switchable output enabling the user to operate one or two different handpieces for high versatility.

The introduction of the innovative replaceable collection chamber means that downtime is reduced even further, allowing for a quicker changeover.

According to the company, the MFR-1300 benefits from increased solder collection capabilities; it has been increased by 40 percent from the previous MFR desoldering systems, significantly increasing efficiency.

Contact: OK International, 12151 Monarch St., Garden Grove, CA 92841 714-799-9910 fax: 714-799-9533 Web:

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