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Publication Date: 09/1/2011
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Europlacer: Autoplacer and Stencil Printer
Pick-and-place machine.
Tampa, FL — Europlacer is demonstrating its XPii-II pick-and-place machine along with sister company Speedprint's SP700avi 29-in. (736mm) Inline Stencil Printer. The pick-and-place machine is a seamless, high-speed extension of the highly flexible iineo SMT pick-and-place platform, with two rotary heads on X/Y gantries with 8 or 12 pickups and "smart" nozzles.

The company's XPii and iineo share its proven core features — turret heads, intelligent feeders, and powerful software. Users start with the iineo pick-and-place machine, accommodating up to 264 8mm feeders to support high productivity in a high-mix environment. When additional capacity is required, the XPii is then added in front of the iineo to effectively double SMT line capacity without doubling the required floor space.

According to the company, the Speedprint SP700avi delivers excellent value and best-in-class accuracy. The system has numerous standard features that include programmable vacuum underscreen cleaning, optical inspection of the paste bead, closed-loop squeegee pressure and 20µm and 6 sigma performance. The printer is equally comfortable in both high-mix and high-volume environments. Numerous tooling options are available that deliver the solutions required for any application. The unit is designed with 1µm resolution linear encoders on all axes and a suite of intuitive software that enables total control of the SMT screen printing process. An integrated adapter facilitates easy handling of multiple stencil sizes and the large board capability makes the SP700avi suitable for both the EMS and OEM sectors.

Contact: Europlacer North America, 5804 E. Breckenridge Blvd., Tampa, FL 33610 813-246-9500 fax: 813-246-9595 Web: or

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