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Publication Date: 09/1/2011
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Goepel: X-Ray Inspection of Double-Sided Components
"Good" and "bad" x-rays of BGAs.
Jena, Germany — Double-sided DDR-RAM modules now can achieve even higher QC with Goepel electronic's 3D x-ray inspection system OptiCon X-Line 3D. The system provides the means to automatically X-ray examine both single-sided and double-sided PCBs all within one test run.

After image capture from different directions and successful reconfiguring of the images, the X-ray system provides the opportunity to analyze both the top and bottom sides of the boards and all layers in between — layer by layer.

Initially, each BGA solder ball is identified with x/y coordinates as well as for the z-axis. Then relevant parameters of each solder joint are determined in three layers. By comparing these measured values, open solder joints and wetting defects can be readily detected. In addition, voids can be detected, and size determined, along with their z-position within a solder joint. Naturally, the system is able to detect solder connections at IC pins and 2-pin components as well as THT components.

By utilizing the company's unusual GigaPixel image technology, a real-time multi-angle image recording is created, providing the basis that enables a test speed of 40cm2/s for full 3D PCB capturing. Integrated reconstruction methods, based on digital tomosynthesis, provide defined evaluation of the board's individual layers.

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