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Publication Date: 09/1/2011
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Count On Tools Intros Replacement Feeder Springs
Mydata feeder and replacement spring.
Gainesville, GA — Count On Tools Inc. now offers replacement feeder springs for MYDATA Agilis feeders. The new offering is the only available option for repairing damaged feeders and provides a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new feeders.

The replacement feeder springs are available for the following MYDATA Agilis Feeder 8, 3.7 (L-014-1395); Feeder 8, 4.0 (L-014-1320); Feeder 8, 4.7 (L-014-1319); Feeder 12, 8.5 (L-014-1490).

The MYDATA compatible product line is the only direct replacement for OEM products on the market that offers a high productivity, low-cost alternative to OEM tooling and consumables. The company's MYDATA range is compatible with machine types TP9-1, TP9-2, TP9-3, TP9-4, TP11, TP12, TP18, MY9, MY12, MY15, MY19 and MY100 (SX/DX).

In addition to the replacement feeder springs, the company also manufactures replacement tooling nozzles compatible with MYDATA equipment that includes Standard Midas Nozzles (A12, A13, B12, C14, A24S), Custom Midas Nozzles (B34 Melf, Grippers, LED Nozzles), as well as Hydra Nozzles (H01, H02, H03) and other spare consumables (filters, grease, spare tips). The company's current technology can be extended to special applications, such as custom engineered nozzles for odd-form components based on customer specifications.

Contact: Count On Tools, Inc., 2481 Hilton Dr., Suite 3, Gainesville, GA 30501 800-880-7007 or 770-538-0411 fax: 770-538-0417 E-mail: Web: or

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