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Publication Date: 09/1/2011
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Acculogic Upgrades Flying Probe Tester

Woburn, MA — Acculogic, Inc.'s FLS 980Dxi Flying Scorpion is the only patented double-sided, multi-probe (22) flying probe system with 3-D probing, analog, digital and boundary scan test capability on all probes — top- and bottom-side. Read More
ACL: Static Dissipative Paint

Chicago, IL — ACL Inc.'s 5700 Staticide® Premium ESD Paint is described as a high quality coating that provides an economical alternative to ESD tile and ESD epoxy. More permanent than dissipative floor polishes, this water-based dissipative paint is formulated with high-tech materials for consistent ...Read More
Connecticut Spring & Stamping: Hi-Tech Precision Parts

Farmington, CT — Connecticut Spring & Stamping (CSS), a manufacturer of precision parts for the aerospace, medical, firearms and defense industries worldwide, has available a wide range of springs and stampings for the electronics industry. Read More
Count On Tools Intros Replacement Feeder Springs

Gainesville, GA — Count On Tools Inc. now offers replacement feeder springs for MYDATA Agilis feeders. The new offering is the only available option for repairing damaged feeders and provides a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new feeders. Read More
Data I/O Intros New Inline Programmer

Redmond, WA — Data I/O Corporation has added the new RoadRunner3 inline programming system, calling it the next generation of the world's only just-prior-to-placement programming solution. With its Factory Integration Software (FIS), RoadRunner3 streamlines the production process and eliminates operator ...Read More
ECM Intros Conductive Adhesives for Solar Modules

Delaware, OH — Engineered Conductive Materials, LLC is introducing its new line of conductive adhesives for back contact solar module applications. The new line of conductive adhesives is designed to make contact from vias in the solar cells to the back contact sheet. Read More
Essemtec Doubles Scorpion Dispensing Speed and Accuracy

Aesch, Switzerland — Essemtec is introducing the new Scorpion automatic dispensing system. The machine is built on the Paraquda machine base, which enables highly accurate dispensing and performance of up to 100,000 dots per hour. The machine can be equipped with up to four different dispensing valves ...Read More
Goepel: X-Ray Inspection of Double-Sided Components

Jena, Germany — Double-sided DDR-RAM modules now can achieve even higher QC with Goepel electronic's 3D x-ray inspection system OptiCon X-Line 3D. The system provides the means to automatically X-ray examine both single-sided and double-sided PCBs all within one test run. Read More
Johnstech: Kelvin-Ready Test Technology

Minneapolis, MN — Johnstech International Corporation has rebranded its configurable ROL® 200K (Kelvin) Test Contactor to better articulate the product's growing use for accomplishing more traditional test objectives. Read More
LED Rework System from Martin

Wessling, Germany — Removing and replacing LEDs, even the smallest, requires flawless energy management — both from below and above — using hot air. These small light emitters are typically mounted on sizable metal-clad substrates for efficient heat dissipation, and they require uniform heat ...Read More
Microscan Intros Smart Mini Camera

Renton, WA — Microscan's new Vision MINI smart camera is described as the world's smallest, fully integrated vision system. The ultra-compact smart camera is designed for reliable vision performance in embedded clinical and lab automation applications. Read More
Multitest: New Tri-Temp Pick & Place Test Handler

Rosenheim, Germany — Multitest is introducing the MT9510 x16, a new 16-site tri-temp pick-and-place handler. The system is based on the technology of the well-established MT95XX platform, which has an installed base of more than 600 systems at over 50 customer sites. Read More
Nihon Superior Intros Cored Wire Solder

Osaka, Japan — Nihon Superior Co. Ltd. is introducing the SN100C (551CT), the newest addition to its SN100C lead-free solder series. The new flux-cored solder wire combines the benefits of a eutectic lead-free alloy with a robust, high-temperature-capable flux core for high-speed sequential soldering ...Read More
Nordson YESTECH: New High Speed AOI

Carlsbad, CA — The new high speed FX SL AOI inspection system for populated printed circuit boards, from Nordson YESTECH, a subsidiary of Nordson Corporation, offers accelerated throughput at over twice the inspection speed of previous generation systems without sacrificing the company's proven defect ...Read More
PCB Planet: CAM Automation Scripting Services

Gandhinagar, India: PCB Planet is now providing engineering automation scripting services for its North American customers. After talking to a number of North American printed circuit board fabricators the team at PCBPlanet discovered that automation was a high demand service. The company's automation services ...Read More
PVA: Versatile Dispensing for Coating

Cohoes, NY — The PVA2000SF from Precision Valve & Automation, Inc. is especially suitable for selective conformal coating and dispensing applications that require a high level of accuracy and repeatability in moderate- to high-volume manufacturing environments. The unit is a closed-loop robotic ...Read More
Rigol Intros New Digital 'Scopes

Oakwood Village, OH — Rigol Technologies, Inc. is introducing the DS6000 series digital oscilloscope, providing bandwidth up to 1GHz, 1.5GHz bandwidth differential, and single-ended active probes. Read More
Schunk: Quick-Change Pallet System

Morrisville, NC — New from Schunk is the VERO-S quick change pallet clamping module made entirely of hardened Stainless Steel. The pull-in force of the new module is up to 9,000 lbs. With the new module, machine setup times can reportedly be reduced by up to 90 percent. The new product can provide ...
Read More
Split-Vision Rework Station from Manncorp

Willow Grove, PA — The premier model in Manncorp's line of SMT rework systems, the BR810 is designed for safe removal, precise placement, and reliable soldering of the most delicate and sensitive SMD packages found in the industry's most challenging board repair applications. Read More
Sunstone Now Offering Stencils for Quickturn

Mulino, OR — Sunstone Circuits®, has enhanced its services by offering SMT stencils when placing an order within the company's Quickturn, Full Feature, and CAD Tool, PCB123® product lines. Stencils join a growing suite of PCB solutions that includes Bundled Assembly, PCB Design Software and Free DFM. With ...Read More
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