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Publication Date: 08/1/2011
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Flexible Data Center Cabinet from OCC
Flexible, roomy data center cabinet.
Roanoke, VA — New OCC Data Center Cabinet offers durable, flexible options for every data center. Front and rear cable friendly cabinets have more room, a sturdy load-bearing frame with perforated doors and hinged side doors for easy cabinet access.

The new data center cabinet is thus described as one of the most flexible, configurable, and durable cabinets on the market. The result: a cable-friendly rack with plenty of room, perforated doors and rear PDU section for better airflow, and hinged side doors that can either be locked or removed, depending on the application. As an added bonus, the cabinet?s sleek design and custom color options can give the server room the style it deserves.

The new cabinet line was designed with maximum flexibility and configuration options, while staying true to the company's reputation for durable, robust network solutions.

The cabinet has a rear PDU/cable section 6.5-in. (165mm) deep, with plenty of room to attach power distribution hardware and secure multiple cable connections. Angled cable entries and exits allow easy access, minimizing cable strain on power cords, and at the same time PDUs face outward, providing easy visibility to the operating power distribution system. The swing on the front can be reversed for easy access no matter what the site demands. And with 63 percent perforation on the front and the rear doors, servers and switching hardware breathe easier and run cooler.

The cabinet is part of the company's full-service Data Center Solutions product line, containing versatile enclosures and fiber optic and copper cable assemblies designed to meet every data center need.

Contact: Optical Cable Corporation, 5290 Concourse Dr., Roanoke, VA 24019 800-622-7711 or 540-265-0690 Web:

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