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Publication Date: 08/1/2011
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Smart Grid to Use Tecate Ultracapacitors
Capacitors for meter networks.
San Diego, CA — Tecate Group now has available custom and standard ultracapacitor cells and modules specifically engineered for today's Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and smart grid applications. Parts are members of the company's UL 810 Recognized PowerBurst® family, which is comprised of the general purpose TPL and TPLS Series of 2.7V cells, as well as the TPLE Series of 2.3V cells with a temperature range of -40 to +85°C.

The flat prismatic PC5 and PC10 Series of 2.5V cells are provided for applications where height is limited. For applications requiring modules, the low- and ultra-low profile PB/PBF/PBL/PBLL Series of 5.0V and 5.4V devices are offered. Parts notably offer OEMs/ODMs the competitive advantage of ensuring product and system safety while minimizing the time and expense associated with additional component-level testing.

To further speed time-to-market, the company's customization capabilities include the use of SolidWorks® 3D CAD (MCAD) software to facilitate superior design flexibility, responsiveness, and application engineering support. The high power density cells provide capacitance values that range from 0.5F to 400F and low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR). Modules reportedly withstand more than 500,000 cycles.

The RoHS-compliant ultracapacitor cells and modules target today's AMR and smart grid applications in which consumption, diagnostic, and status data are collected from water or energy metering devices (gas and electric), and then transferred to a central database for billing, troubleshooting, and analysis. The parts provide battery-free "last gasp" power, and satisfy the high current pulse requirements of AMS technology. They also provide critical backup power during power outages to ensure uninterrupted communication to/from the grid.

Capable of operating at temperatures as low as -40°C), the parts supplement batteries for low temperature boost, and relieve batteries of peak power functions to extend battery life.

The PB/PBF/PBL/PBLL/ Series of modules are available with active or passive cell balancing, and with radial leads or flexible wire and connectors to eliminate the need for soldering. They are provided in an array of standard and custom high voltage, advanced circuitry and packaging options to meet application-specific requirements.

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