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Publication Date: 08/1/2011
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Premo Unveils Hall Effect Sensors
Hall Effect sensor.
Barcelona, Spain — Premo has introduced a new series of Hall Effect sensors called the DSR5 series, a new series designed for a single supply voltage of +5V.

The DSR5 family provides a closed-loop technology component in a very small package for THT mounting. The primary winding is already integrated, which permits measuring DC, AC and pulse currents on PC boards.

The device includes an external pin that allows access to the internal reference (2.5V). This pin can be used as an output or input signal to be used by microcontrollers providing better offset control at zero current.

The devices have been designed for nominal currents of 6, 15, 25 and 50Amps. The multi-pin configuration allows for different ranges of nominal currents by connecting 1, 2 or 3 pins in the primary winding.

The output signal is centered at 2.5V with an output voltage of ±0.625V at nominal input currents, but the design allows detecting currents up to 3 times nominal current.

It also provides a linearity <0.1 percent with ±0.7 percent accuracy levels.

Bandwidth is up to 150kHz with a response time below 0.5µs. Offset drift versus temperature is as low as 0.3 percent mV/°C and the circuit draws only 20mA at no current condition.

The current sensor is specially designed to meet the highest safety requirements. It is fully isolated with plastic housing, meeting isolation values higher than 3000VAC.

The isolated plastic case meets UL94-V0 as well as EN 60947-1:2004; EN 60950-1:2001; and EN 50178:1998.

Contact: Grupo Premo C/, Conchita Supervia, 13, 08028 Barcelona, Spain +34 934 098 980 fax: +34 934 906 682 E-mail: Web:

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