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Publication Date: 08/1/2011
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Acculogic: Next Gen Test Systems
Flying Scorpion 980 flying prober.
Woburn, MA — Acculogic, Inc. is highlighting its leading testing technologies, showcasing its FLS 980Dxi Flying Scorpion, describing it as the only patented double-sided, multi-probe (22) flying probe system with 3-D probing, analog, digital and boundary scan test capability on all probes (top- and bottom-side).

Shrinking component sizes and denser packaging technologies are posing new challenges to test. FLS980Dxi uses highly repeatable closed-loop linear motor drives and joystick-like variable angle probe modules (0 to 6°) to maximize physical access and guarantee repeatable probing of fine-pitch devices and small components such as 0201s and 01005s.

Using the patented vectorless test suite, PinScan, the FLS900 detects open-pin and orientation faults on digital devices, polarized caps and connectors. New features and enhancements to the system include: new fixed angle probe modules (BPM700); new ThermoScan; new TraceScan; new high resolution camera; new NanoScan; New REScan — reverse engineering.

The company is also showing the latest version of its ScanNavigator (powered by Victory) software, which offers full support for IEEE1149.6 and IEEE1149.7 extensions to the IEEE1149.1 standard. The ScanNavigator software is a suite of powerful tools for boundary scan testing and programming based on the original JTAG standard, IEEE 1149.1. The new version of ScanNavigator has been extended to support the latest boundary scan technology for the testing of high-speed buses and interfaces such as LVDS, Fiber Channel, Gigabit Ethernet and more.

The ScanNavigator Integrated Boundary Scan Test and Programming Environment consists of test, programming and run-time modules that use Microsoft's .NET technology and XML to simplify test generation, increase productivity and allow full integration of test data, programming information and diagnostic databases with the company's testability and coverage analysis tools.

Based on the premise that all boundary scan test and onboard programming activities rely on a number of common data preparation steps, the ScanNavigator architecture is optimized for data sharing and portability to reduce development time and increase data reuse. ScanNavigator-dot6 supports IEEE1149.6 as an optional feature that can be incorporated into any ScanNavigator Virtual Interconnect Test (VIT), making the implementation of 1149.6 tests practically transparent to the user.

Contact: Acculogic Ltd., 500 West Cummings Park, Suite 1850, Woburn, MA 01801 781-937-5907 fax: 781-658-2504 E-mail: Web:

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