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Publication Date: 08/1/2011
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Sonoscan Intros High-End Lab Acoustic Microscope System
High-end lab acoustic microscope system.
Elk Grove Village, IL — Sonoscan has introduced the Gen6 C-SAM® acoustic micro imaging system. The Gen6 incorporates new and upgraded capabilities building on its well-known predecessor, the Gen5. While the Gen6 maintains the highly-praised look of the Gen5, the electronics and operating system are on a completely redesigned platform.

The Gen6 retains unique features such as Virtual Rescanning Mode (VRM), Digital Image Analysis (DIA), Frequency Domain Imaging (FDI) and Time Domain Imaging (TDI) needed by scientists and applications engineers. And, like its predecessor, the Gen6 has the industry's only inertially balanced linear motor scanner. But powerful new features have also been added to help analyze more complex problems as for example, samples built with 3D packaging technology. The Gen6's new Master Control Unit includes a Windows® 7-based computer that has an Intel® QuadCore 64-bit Processor and operates on Sonoscan's new Sonolytics software, complete with PolyGate. The very intuitive Sonolytics GUI screens can turn every operator into a "pro".

The new software offers many advantages over older technologies. For example, the Gen6 frees the operator from being locked into a small number of options for image resolution. For a particular sample, the operator can now select the most useful resolution over a range from under 1megapixel to 268megapixels.

PolyGate permits automatic and simultaneous imaging of a sample at up to 200 different gates (horizontal "slices"). While many samples do not need to be non-destructively sliced at hundreds of levels, PolyGate is very useful when searching for subtle changes in a sample such as "white bumps", die tilt, and stacked die defects. The Gen6 has a 500MHz pulser with improved signal stability. This means, for example, that work at 230, 300 or 400MHz on flip chips provides better images of the underfill, bumps and related features. The system also incorporates heated water to increase image quality by reducing signal and frequency losses in the coupling fluid.

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