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Publication Date: 08/1/2011
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Ergonomic Adjustable Microscope System from O.C. White
Versatile microscope inspection system.
Thorndike, MA — The Ergo-Zoom microscope series from O.C. White is described as one of the most versatile and highest performance common main objective microscope products currently on the market. Available in three zoom magnification levels, as well as offering a host of auxiliary lens, trinocular microscope conversion kits, and eyepieces, the Ergo-Zoom series can be configured to meet any need.

The instrument's CMO (common main objective) optical design, unlike conventional microscopes, allows for increased depth of field and resolution. Using specialized optical components, the end result is the clearest and sharpest image possible.

Heart of the Ergo-Zoom series is in the choice of three zoom bodies. Depending on magnification levels required, as well as working distance criteria, choices are available anywhere between 4-320X. The company also offers two specialized viewing heads. The standard head has a 20X fixed viewing angle, with extended length eyepiece tubes. This allows for comfortable viewing for hours. The 0-35X adjustable head allows for ultimate adjustability through the range, and is the most ergonomically friendly choice on the market.

Another special design feature is the ability to upgrade any standard binocular microscope into a trinocular microscope. This means that if the user's inspection needs change after purchase, an entirely new microscope assembly is not needed. With a simple upgrade, any of the three zoom bodies can be converted into a trinocular microscope.

The company offers a single lens splitter, for use with (1) analog or digital camera, or the exclusive double splitter, which allows for simultaneous use of two cameras.

All Ergo-Zoom products have an exclusive ESD safe coating, not available on any other CMO microscope. This special feature allows for static dissipation, and makes the instrument suitable for use in static-sensitive production environments.

Four specialized imaging options are available: the high-performance analog inspection package pairs a high sensitivity color analog camera, with slim 19-in. HD LCD screen — preferred for production environments where realtime imaging is required. Optional Image Acquisition and Measurement software suite is available with this configuration. In addition, three world-class digital camera choices are also available.

Contact: O.C. White Company, 4226 Church Street, Thorndike, MA 01079 888-629-4483 or 413-289-1751 fax: 413-289-1754 E-mail: Web:

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