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Publication Date: 08/1/2011
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Nordson ASYMTEK Intros Wafer Dispensing Workcell
Wafer workcell and same-side loader/unloader.
Carlsbad, CA — Nordson ASYMTEK is introducing its new automated workcell for film-frame wafer-level packaging applications. The workcell is especially suitable for customers who want to buy their dispensing and handling equipment from a single vendor and are looking for a lower cost-of-ownership than traditional wafer handling solutions.

The new MH-910W workcell same-side loader/unloader integrated with the Spectrum S-920N dispenser, is designed for 150mm film-frame wafer processing and is flexible enough to support various sizes. Applications include MEMs/image sensor capping, wafer coating for imaging devices such as digital light processing (DLP), life sciences for biochip reagent jet dispensing, and jetting of thin coatings prior to laser dicing to reduce contamination or dust caused by ablation fallout from the dicing process.

Advanced process controls are built into the film-frame wafer workcell to ensure a smooth, error-free transport and dispense operation. Both the MH-910W film-frame loader/unloader and S-920N dispensing system are fully enclosed with interlocked doors and windows for operator safety and part security. Access panels are easily removed and built-in software maintenance tools make servicing easy.

The same-side loader/unloader provides programmable transport speed to maximize units per hour while multiple sensors and active pinch wheels ensure safe handling. Film-frame wafers are pulled from one cassette and returned to a second cassette after dispense. A frame sensor identifies the next available wafer, significantly reducing search time for partially filled cassettes.

During loading, film-frame wafers are carefully pulled from the cassette and through the system by a soft-touch gripper and active pinch wheels. Sensors also ensure that cassette slots are empty before returning processed wafers to the second cassette.

The workcell has a small footprint, approximately 1225 x 1321mm, and meets SEMI-S2, SEMI-S8, SMEMA, and CE standards and certifications.

Contact: Nordson ASYMTEK 2762 Loker Ave. West, Carlsbad, CA 92010 800-279-6835 or 760-431-1919 fax: 760-431-2678 E-mail: Web:

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