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Publication Date: 08/1/2011
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Smart Sonic Upgrades Stencil Cleaner
Upgraded closed-loop filtration system.
Canoga Park, CA — Smart Sonic, makers of the only EPA Verified Stencil Cleaning Process, has improved the performance of its EnviroGuard closed-loop stencil cleaner by more than 50 percent — achieved by additional refinement of the DI filter media and incorporation of larger filters at no additional cost to the user.

EnviroGuard is the only 100 percent closed-loop stencil cleaner, managing both the wash and the rinse cycles. Other closed-loop systems only address the rinse water and leave management of the more contaminated wash water up to the user.

Stencil cleaner wash water has been identified as the most hazardous waste associated with PCB assembly. Contamination often consists of harsh chemicals, VOCs, lead and other heavy metals, leaving the user little alternative but to drum the liquid waste and have it hauled away for treatment at a cost of $300 to $500 per drum.

The EnviroGuard maintains a 100 percent closed-loop of both the rinse and the wash water. All contaminants are conveniently contained within the filters and the filters are returned to Smart Sonic for regeneration.

The original EnviroGuard stencil cleaners required filter maintenance approximately every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on resistivity settings and throughput. The new and improved filters are able to extend the filter maintenance cycle to 6 to 8 weeks using the same parameters. The company just completed upgrading all of its EnviroGuard customers to the new filters at no additional charge and has not needed to increase the price of the EnviroGuard stencil cleaners.

According to the company, EnviroGuard closed-loop technology replaces the need for a wastewater evaporator at less than the purchase price of an evaporator and lowers the energy consumption to just pennies a day.

The company's wastewater evaporators use 12kW of heat to evaporate liquid water to atmosphere leaving a greatly reduced volume of concentrated liquid waste for disposal. The EnviroGuard Closed-loop Filtration System requires no heat, leaves no liquid waste for disposal, and contains the stencil cleaner waste in convenient filters that are regenerated for continued use.

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