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Publication Date: 08/1/2011
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SEHO Modular Selective Soldering
Modular selective soldering system.
Kreuzwertheim, Germany — SEHO's SelectiveLine soldering module implements a modular system concept for miniwave soldering that may be adapted to changing production conditions at any time.

With low production quantities, only the SelectiveLine solder module is required. With increasing throughput demands or very massive products, the unit can be individually expanded by adding coordinate fluxer modules, preheater modules or even another SelectiveLine solder module — which will significantly reduce cycle times. Conversely, the production line can be reduced in size again with end-of-line products and falling numbers by taking modules out of the line and using them for other products.

The module provides a high-precision miniwave process, making it especially suitable for a high product mix by offering maximum flexibility.

The system utilizes a precise axis system for exact positioning of various workstations and is capable of handling either bare boards or assemblies in carriers up to 500 x 500mm.

The automatic circuit board position correction via fiducial recognition ensures maximum precision and process reliability, compensating for various types of misalignment, such as offset, position error and linear distortion of the circuit board. Any assemblies that are incorrectly positioned are detected and will not be soldered.

The soldering unit can be changed quickly if different alloys need to be processed. To minimize change-over times, a second soldering unit can be preheated on an external heating station prior to installation in the machine. Thus, changing to a different solder alloy requires only a few minutes.

The module is equipped with an up-to-date control unit, which is equipped with a color touch-screen, making it very simple to operate. With the cutting-edge offline teaching program, soldering programs can be taken over by the machine using a USB flash memory dongle or a network connection without any further conversion. The route optimization is particularly innovative. After being taught all the solder points, the program calculates the fastest path independently, to keep pure handling times to a minimum.

Additional control functions include automatic solder wave height control, real quantity control for drop jet fluxers, scanning unit to allocate the installed solder wire reel to the corresponding soldering program, and a barcode reading system.

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