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Publication Date: 08/1/2011
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Computrol: Timely High-Quality Services
Even short runs get special programming on the autoplacers.

Founded in 1984, Computrol has a long history of providing electronics contract manufacturing services and support to blue-chip customers ranging from military and medical electronics to telecommunications and computer peripherals. The company continues to build on its core services and capabilities by investing in versatile, high-speed manufacturing equipment and technology, as well as continuing training programs.

Computrol's focus is on the technology that other companies struggle with. Over the past 27 years, the company's reputation has evolved to "If no one else can build it, call Computrol." Its niche is not just small-to-medium-build volumes, it also is known as a company that offers small-company relationships and services with large-company capabilities.

High-Mix Products
The company focuses on providing electronics manufacturing services throughout the lifecycle of high-mix products. Maintaining this focus enables the company to provide faster assembly operations than those in large factories. Computrol provides faster turnaround and higher quality on small-to-medium-lot size assembly. The company serves customers from two facilities, located in Meridian, Idaho and Orem, Utah, with a total of 105,000 sq. ft.

Customers are able to realize significant financial benefits by not having to own manufacturing equipment, inventory or employ a manufacturing workforce. Instead, they can focus their resources on sales, marketing, research and development, and other core competencies. Additionally, they gain access to the latest manufacturing technologies, capital equipment, process knowledge and electronics manufacturing expertise without making substantial capital investments to maintain these capabilities in-house.

Better Capital Utilization
Computrol is able to gain higher efficiency and better capital utilization because it is better able to leverage manufacturing resources among multiple customers.

Customers can achieve superior assembly, as well as final product quality and reliability while streamlining materials management activities, reducing costs and increasing their return on assets. By entrusting their outsourcing to Computrol, they receive all of the benefits of world-class quality, manufacturing and engineering capabilities while simultaneously reducing operating costs, freeing up capital, staying focused on core competencies, and reducing time-to-market.

Low Lot Sizes
Focusing on high quality and low lot sizes, the company's success is largely attributable to its ability to manufacture high-quality products in small-to-medium lot sizes. The focus on lower volume electronics contract manufacturing has fostered the development of highly differentiated services that are specifically tailored to meet the special needs of low-volume contract manufacturing customers. This allows the company to be more flexible and provide assembly services with shorter cycle times.

Computrol is committed to providing excellent electronics manufacturing services from printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), cable assembly, wireless harness assembly and backplane assembly to complete box-build products. Other services and capabilities include surface mount (SMT), through-hole and mixed PCBA; single- and double-sided PCBA; ball grid array (BGA) assembly, fine pitch and 0201 packaged components; electro-mechanical and subassembly builds; flying probe test, in-circuit test, and functional test as well as JTAG/boundary scan programming and test; environmental testing; turnkey electronics contract manufacturing; complete electronics assembly; and turnkey supply chain management.

More than 90 percent of the product that Computrol builds is tested. Unlike most of its competition, its test capabilities exceed the "pass-fail" or "on-off" testing that is common in the contract manufacturing world. The company's low-volume/high-complexity niche requires comprehensive test and skilled technicians. Generally, this test includes some level of functional test. All of its test technicians are capable of schematic level debug on even the most complex boards. Computrol also uses the TAR (Test and Repair) module from Valor. Its technicians log every test failure, the symptom, the problem displays and the solution. When a similar symptom is encountered in the future, the technician can look up the symptom and find the solution to fix the failure.

Meeting Customer Goals
Computrol knows how to use technologies that meet individual company goals. Advanced electronics contract manufacturing capabilities using leading-edge packaging like µBGA and 0201s enable customers to access new technologies that are essential to maintaining a competitive edge. The company combines quality processes with skilled people to ensure all manufactured products exceed the customers' quality expectations.

Specialized Skills
The company has the expertise, equipment, and specialized skills for efficient low- and medium-volume electronics contract manufacturing. The company provides customers with through-hole, SMT, and mixed printed circuit assembly using state-of-the-art automated production processes and flexible production flows.

Its advanced low-volume electronics manufacturing capabilities allow the company to produce cost-effective custom assemblies and products with JIT-dependability, flexibility and world-class quality. The company is both ISO 9001-2008 and 13485 certified, fully RoHS compliant and ITAR registered.

Dynamic Engineering Changes
Computrol handles dynamic engineering changes and quickly ramps up or down to meet changing product and volume demands in order to improve customers' inventory costs, cycle times and, ultimately, the level of customer satisfaction.

In addition to the technology services the company delivers an expansive range of electronics manufacturing services, including combined quantity purchasing, raw materials procurement and management, finished goods inventory management, JIT delivery, MRP II controls, and personalized account management.
Individual product inspection as well as manual assembly are part of the package.

As part of its core services, customers receive personal, one-on-one attention from a project manager within the company. That specialist is the customer's point of contact for all facets of the job, alleviating the challenge of dealing with multiple departments to initiate changes or obtain information. The project manager works in proxy on the customer's behalf to ensure that each step of the process meets or exceeds expectations. In addition, the project manager specialist works closely with a backup support specialist to maintain the highest level of customer support and satisfaction at all times.

Total Customer Satisfaction
"We are committed to total customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality of products and services in the industry," said Jon Hanson, Sales & Marketing Manager. "We achieve this by understanding customer needs and by consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations."

The company meets this commitment by providing the highest quality of products and services in the industry. It achieves this by understanding customer needs and by consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations. In addition, the company maintains an environment of continuous improvement in every element of business and it empowers employees to achieve their best in individual performance and teamwork.

The company's electronics contract manufacturing expertise allows customers to achieve significant improvement in cycle time, asset utilization, reliability, flexibility and responsiveness. It is able to achieve these objectives through integration of cutting-edge systems and processes, highly skilled and experienced people, fact-based process management, and continuous improvement.

Purchasing abilities are enhanced by the total commitment of materials vendors' support, whether the material is in ample supply or on allocation. Procurement professionals source materials on a worldwide basis to ensure the best combination of pricing, availability, quality and delivery. The common parts of customers' jobs are combined to leverage price and delivery. By combining common parts into large quantity buys from vendors, the company can pass on cost savings and reduce delivery lead times to all customers.

Contact: Computrol, 499 E. Corporate Dr., Meridian, ID 83642 208-887-1000 fax: 208-887-2000 Web:

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