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Publication Date: 08/1/2011
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Batch Stencil Cleaner from Techspray

Amarillo, TX — Techspray's new, ecologically-friendly TECHSPRAY RENEW Eco-Stencil AQ Batch Stencil Cleaner is designed for ultrasonic and spray-in-air systems. The batch stencil cleaner reportedly offers excellent cleaning performance with much lower environmental impact.
Bliss Intros New MoCart Product Line

Milpitas, CA — Bliss Industries Inc. has created an entirely new cart line called MoCart (Method of Operation Cart). The new product line includes an entire line of patent pending accessories for all areas of the factory production floor and test labs, and is available in two cart heights: 40 or ...
Christopher Assoc. Debuts Remote Live Option

Santa Ana, CA — Christopher Associates Inc. has released its new Remote Live option for the Tagarno Magnus HD Inspection System. Remote Live enables streaming of the Tagarno Magnus HD's signal, allowing users in different buildings (or different parts of the world) to share the same field of view ...

Cobar: Hi-Performance Lead-Free Solder Paste

Breda, Netherlands — Cobar Solder Products' XF3+ lead-free solder paste accommodates extended reflow profiles with or without the use of nitrogen. According to the company, with XF3+, wetting on all common pad finishings is excellent, yielding shiny joints reminiscent of leaded solders. It also exhibits a robust printing window.

SN100C-XF3+ performs better in eliminating voiding when compared to any SAC-alloy. XF3+ paste provides improved print performance,

Ergonomic Adjustable Microscope System from O.C. White

Thorndike, MA — The Ergo-Zoom microscope series from O.C. White is described as one of the most versatile and highest performance common main objective microscope products currently on the market. Available in three zoom magnification levels, as well as offering a host of auxiliary lens, trinocular ...
Essemtec Provides High-Res SPI Inspection

Aesch, Switzerland — Traqu is a high-resolution digital 3-D inspection device from Essemtec used for 3-D measurement and analysis in processes such as solder paste inspection (SPI). Measurement tasks are programmed with a few mouse clicks, and DXF and Gerber data can be imported.
FCT: "Green" Lead-Free Solder Solutions

Milpitas, CA — FCT has partnered with Nihon Superior to offer its patented lead-free nickel stabilized tin/copper wave solder alloy, SN100C, throughout North America. SN100C was developed to offer a technically superior and more economical option to the tin-silver-copper alloys also being considered. SN100C ...
GE Intros Hi Mag X-Ray Inspection Solution

Wunstorf, Germany — The new phoenix x|aminer from GE's Inspection Technologies is a 5-axis, microfocus X-ray inspection system, which has been developed for quality control applications in the manufacture of electronics sub-assemblies. It is especially suitable for the reliable and accurate inspection ...
Goepel Supports Next Gen Picochip

Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic has developed special VarioTAP® IPs for testing the new generation femtocell chips in cooperation with Picochip. The solution enables dynamic processor emulation tests (PET) for fault detection and diagnostics for board and system level, as well as supporting embedded Flash ...
Hakko: 3-Port Rework Station

Valencia, CA —
The Hakko FM-206 3-Port Rework Station can power any Hakko FM handpiece, thus offering the ability to tailor the station to fit the customer's specific needs. The station's sleek, compact design minimizes loss of bench space and its powerful ports allow the use of the Hakko FM-2029 single hot ...

Henkel Conductive Die-Attach Films Enable Leadframe Packages

Irvine, CA — Henkel has worked with STMicroelectronics, one of the world's largest semiconductor companies and advanced chip packaging technology developers, to validate the performance of Ablestik C100 conductive die attach film materials. The Ablestik is being used for production of very small package configurations ...
High Quality Fume Extraction from Etek

South Ayrshire, Scotland — Etek Europe and BOFA International are offering the single and dual arm, high volume fume extraction units. The Bofa V200 and V250 are high performance, UK manufactured, fully functional arm extraction systems designed primarily to extract the fumes generated during hand ...
JBC Tools Intros Super Thermal Cartridges

St. Louis, MO — JBC Tools, Inc. is introducing its new C245 Super Cartridges for high thermal efficiency. The company has thus optimized the performance of specific cartridges used with the T245 hand piece.

Juki: Modular Placement Systems

Morrisville, NC — Juki Corporation's KE-1070/KE-1080 modular placement systems have greatly exceeded sales forecasts, according to the company. The machines are intended to meet the need for reliable, cost-efficient placement solutions for the mid-range market. They are built using the same topology ...

Krayden Now Offers Dow Corning's PV-804 Sealant

Denver, CO — Krayden, Inc. is introducing Dow Corning's PV-804 Sealant, formulated for room-temperature curing. The sealant is available in black or white, and offers protection against environmental degradation, thermal cycling stress, mechanical vibration shock and moisture.
KVM4S Debuts Nozzles for Camelot Dispensers

Turnhout, Belgium — KVM4S/Europe-SMT is introducing nozzles for Camelot dispensers in Benelux and Germany. The company's portfolio reportedly offers a much wider range than the standard variety by Speedline. The nozzles are manufactured to the correct specifications and are available in stock in ...
Lord Intros Low Cost Underfill

Cary, NC — Lord Corporation has introduced ME-555, a new, low cost underfill encapsulant developed specifically for the semiconductor packaging and assembly industries.
Developed to meet technical requirements of its customers, the company has been able to present this material with a significant cost ...

Low Outgassing Compound from Epoxies, Etc.

Cranston, RI — Epoxies, Etc. has developed a new epoxy potting compound that meets NASA's outgassing requirements, type 20-3652. The new compound is a filled epoxy casting, potting, and encapsulating resin system. It is a dielectric grade epoxy that exhibits excellent physical, thermal and electrical ...
Master Intros Plastic Welding Kit

Racine, WI — Everything needed for hot air welding a full range of thermoplastic materials is available in the new and convenient Master Proheat Plastic Welding Kit Model PH-1400WK from Master Appliance Corporation.
Microscan Intros 3 Machine Vision Innovations

Renton, WA — Microscan is introducing the AutoVISION family of machine vision products, a product line that includes the Vision HAWK and Vision MINI smart cameras, as well as the new AutoVISION machine vision software interface. The technology aims to simplify the setup and deployment of machine ...
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