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Publication Date: 07/1/2011
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Power Supplies Keep Cool with Orion Fans
Variety of fans for power supplies.
Dallas, TX — Orion Fans, division of Knight Electronics, is keeping power supplies cool, as indicated by increased sales of its DC fans to OEMs and power supply manufacturers. The fans are used in cooling power supplies because of key features that improve overall performance as well as a wide variety of available options depending on the specific application.

Popular applications range from those requiring a smaller, high-CFM, low-noise DC fan to industrial benchtop power supplies requiring a high-powered smart fan with PWM control and a locked rotor alarm. In addition, the Orion Fans Vane Axial DC fan series is popular in rack-mounted power supply applications, particularly those exhibiting high static pressure environments.

The company's new web site provides a Find-Your-Fan Search tool, which enables engineers to search by fan type, size, voltage or CFM. Product designers can also link to one or more global or regional distribution web sites to find available inventory and pricing. The standard DC fan series being specified for power supplies include: OD1225, OD2510, OD3010, OD4010, OD4020, OD4028, OD4028 XC, OD6015 and OD6020. Each DC fan series is available with an optional thermostatic control that adjusts fan speed in direct relation to the ambient air temperature between 55 percent and 100 percent of full speed, prolonging fan life, saving energy and minimizing noise. The Vane Axial fan models being specified for power supplies include: OD1238-VXC, OD9238-VXC, OD8038-VXC, and OD6038-VXC. The standard DC and Vane Axial series are available in standard and custom sizes. Fans are rated from 5VDC to 48VDC and measure from 1 x 0.39-in. (25.4 x 9.9mm) to 4.7 x 1-in. 119.4 x 25.4mm) with airflow from 1.8 to 283CFM.

Contact: Orion Fans, 10557 Metric Dr., Dallas, TX 75243 800-323-2439 or 214-340-0265 fax: 214-340-5870 E-mail: info@orionfans.com Web:

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