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Publication Date: 07/1/2011
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Anderson Power Expands Connector Series
4-position connectors with inline receptable.
Sterling, MA — Anderson Power Products® (APP®) has expanded its 4-position SPEC Pak family of products to include an inline receptacle. The connector series now includes the inline receptacle, panel mount receptacle and plug for wire-to-wire and wire-to-panel applications.

The IP 68 rated connector achieves this rating by utilizing a size 16 PG style sealing gland, an interfacial sealing gasket that is incorporated within the plug housing, and a latch to tightly secure the connector. The UL94 V-0 rated housing is designed to be Touch Safe per the requirements of UL 1977 when used with Finger Proof Powerpole contact housings.

According to the company, the core Powerpole® connector technology within the SPEC Pak shell is proven, reliable and cost-effective. The 4-position SPEC Pak will hold up to 4 Powerpole power contacts, 16 signal contacts or a combination of both.

Individually, the power contacts are rated to 45 amps and are capable of handling wire sizes of 24 to 10 AWG (0.25 to 4mm}). Ground contacts are first mate/last break.

Contact housings, both finger-proof and standard, are available in a wide array of colors providing color-coding options and design flexibility. The combination of housings, power, ground and signal contacts offers thousands of design options for the most demanding applications.

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