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Publication Date: 07/1/2011
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Sonoscan: Double Throughput 300mm Wafer Scanner
Twin robotic arms scan two bonded wafer pairs simultaneously.
Elk Grove Village, IL — Sonoscan has begun shipping its automated 300mm bonded wafer inspection system that simultaneously scans two wafers and gives users double the throughput of other systems.

The system inspects wafer pairs intended for SOI, MEMS and other applications for 300 and 200mm wafers, and bonded by virtually any method. It images disbonds, delaminations, voids and particles at the bond interface, and cracks at any depth.

Based on the company's C-SAM® acoustic microscope systems, the AW300 also automates the entire inspection system from carrier attachment and wafer selection through aligning and acoustic imaging to drying and sorting.

A robotic arm feeds wafers from two load ports that accept either FOUP or FSOB carriers. Wafers are fed into either of two scanners. To ensure maximum throughput, wafers are sequenced in a staging area where they are processed and temporarily stored.

The unit uses Sonoscan-made transducers (lenses) ranging from 100 to 400MHz. All of the UHF transducers are designed, manufactured and matched in-house to ensure optimum performance.

The system is capable of imaging inter-wafer voids as small as 5µ wide, and delaminations as thin as 100 Angstroms. Scanning employs the company's non-immersion Waterfall transducers and vacuum-assisted stages.

Analysis software automatically measures the percentage of bonded and unbonded interface between the two wafers, and the sizes and number of voids. Accept/reject decisions are made automatically according to the user's specific criteria.

Contact: Sonoscan, Inc., 2149 E. Pratt Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 847-437-6400 fax: 847-437-1550 E-mail: info@sonoscan.com Web:

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