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Publication Date: 07/1/2011
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Trek Intros High Voltage Piezo Amplifier
Medina, NY —   
Trek, Inc. has introduced a new linear high voltage power amplifier, the Trek Model PZD700A, which offers wide bandwidth and additional features important in electro-optics, MEMS, piezoelectric driving and semiconductor applications. Compared to other linear amplifiers in the marketplace, this new model offers a special combination of capabilities which enhance its versatility and utility.

The wide bandwidth of Model PZD700A, for both large signal and small signal levels, in combination with the company's technology for precise control of output voltages, enable the amplifier to address the specific need for high speed and fast settling when driving capacitive loads in electro-optics, MEMS, piezoelectric

driving/control, semiconductor research and other demanding applications such as laser modulation, ion beam control and vibration damping.

The amplifier provides a large signal bandwidth greater than 125kHz (-3dB) and a small signal bandwidth greater than 200kHz (-3dB). This bandwidth capability is especially important in new piezo and piezo-stack applications, which require the high current levels as provided by this new amplifier. The fully protected output enhances its usefulness in piezo and other reactive load applications by assuring that the amplifier is safeguarded from incidental short circuits, arcing or energy return from the load device.

Industries and commercial applications for the unit are diverse and include: semiconductors, electronics, aerospace, biotechnology, defense, military, power, energy, laboratory, and instrumentation.

The unit's design offers outstanding DC stability, high speed and precise control of output voltages (DC or peak AC) in the programmable ranges of 0 to ±700V with an output current range of 0 to ±100mA (bipolar model); 0 to +1.4 kV with ±50mA (unipolar model); and 0 to -1.4kV with ±50mA (unipolar model). A special feature is an adjustable DC voltage gain, to 300V/V, by way of a user-friendly front panel potentiometer.

The company also offers a PZD700A "M/S" design which delivers twice the current capability (double the power) of the standard PZD700A models.

This high voltage amplifier model offers: DC stability, wide bandwidth, well-regulated and controlled AC output signals, and full four-quadrant, class AB, all solid-state output stages. The four-quadrant, active output stage sinks or sources current into reactive or resistive loads throughout the output voltage range. This is essential for achieving the accurate output response and high slew rates demanded by reactive loads.

Contact: Trek, Inc., 11601 Maple Ridge Rd., Medina, NY 14103 800-367-8735 or 585-798-3140 fax: 585-798-3106 Web:

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