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Publication Date: 07/1/2011
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SolderStar Intros Vapor Phase Profiler
Profiling system for vapor phase.
Rochdale, Lancashire, UK — Thermal profiling solutions vendor SolderStar had extended its product line to include vapor phase solder support. This newly developed system uses a special design to allow profiling of vapor phase soldering processes. The system is usable in both batch and inline machines, including those with vacuum stages.

The sealed thermal barrier comprises a lightweight outer skin coated with PTFE to minimize energy absorption from the vapor, yet achieves twice the performance of a standard reflow system. A small form factor datalogger is installed inside the shield to capture profile information from the circuit board being processed; information can also be relayed in real-time to the user with a 2.4GHz telemetry link.

For the quick preparation of a test, thermocouple connectors are fitted to the outside of the barrier. After each run through the machine, the barrier can be opened and the datalogger easily removed; this approach provides faster cool down cycles and reduces the possibility of damage to the datalogger unit.

The software supplied with the system has additional support for definition of the vapor phase process allowing engineers to quickly establish the optimum settings for a given assembly.

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