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Publication Date: 07/1/2011
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SEHO Debuts Rapid Cooling Function for MaxiReflow
MaxiReflow 3.0 system with rapid cooling feature.
Kreuzwertheim, Germany — SEHO Systems GmbH has equipped the successful MaxiReflow soldering system with a new feature that will lead to production time savings, thus contributing to reduced manufacturing costs. This particularly applies to production lines with frequently changing products that require completely different temperature profiles.

A major requirement for today's reflow soldering systems includes maintaining a consistent temperature level in the process zone, even with high-throughput and high-mass assemblies. An elaborate circulation of process gas and up-to-date insulation substantially reduces energy and nitrogen consumption.

Also, the temperature in the process chamber must be decreased to a significantly lower level when the production line changes to a product with different temperature requirements. Delaying times by 30-40 minutes is unacceptable when production is used to full capacity.

The new rapid chamber cooling feature can help reduce changeover time to a minimum. When changing the soldering program, the system automatically compares the nominal temperatures of the new program with the actual temperatures. If the new program?s temperatures are lower than a previously defined temperature delta, the system automatically starts the rapid chamber cooling function. When this happens, the hood opens automatically, the fans adjust to 100 percent, and an additional exhaust turns on to conduct the process heat in a controlled way to avoid excessive heating of the production area.

The rapid chamber cooling function is activated and deactivated easily with internal software and the temperature delta is individually adjustable.

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