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Publication Date: 07/1/2011
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ACE Launches Next-Gen Selective Soldering
Versatile new selective soldering system.
Spokane Valley, WA — ACE Production Technologies has launched its next-generation KISS-205 fully in-line automated Selective Soldering system. The KISS-205 effectively splits the process of fluxing, preheating and soldering to significantly gain productivity by reducing TAKT by up to 50 percent vs. incremental processing.

This setup provides a more efficient dual-lane processing scheme with "crossover" sequencing effectively shaving time off preheating, fluxing, and soldering sequences, waiting times that are unavoidable in linear incremental processing, and allowing higher throughput and higher volume processing.

According to the company, it is a kind of "multi-tasking" approach to selective soldering. It makes more efficient use of time, with more than one product being processed in one lane while another is undergoing a different stage in the process.

In the KISS-205, while the board is in the first "station", it is pre-heated and fluxed. While the board is in the second station, its temperature is maintained and soldering takes place. In the sequence of events, Board "A" is positioned under pre-heater 1 and is fluxed; then Pre-heater 1 is turned on. As soon as Board "A" reaches its target preheat temperature, it is sent to the second station and pre-heater 2 is turned on to maintain temperature while Board "B" is positioned under Pre-heater 1 and fluxed, and the pre-heater is turned on. While Board B (now already fluxed) is pre-heating, Board A is being soldered.

The time-consuming elements are pre-heating and soldering, which is why this new approach makes the machine twice as fast as a conventional selective soldering machine. This is not simply processing with dual lanes, but is more efficient processing. The company believes that it is going to change the way the industry selectively solders in volume.

The new machine is a fully configured In-Line SMEMA compatible Selective Soldering system, offering such innovative standard features as "Super Quick" motion with closed loop position feedback with linear encoders for fastest processing times; rapid setup and time to "first production" with the intuitive KISSware off-line programming using jpeg or scanned images or Gerber files or on the machine "teach" functions; dual universal PCB edge conveyor with program-controlled width adjustment, positive PCB location and PCB flattening; dual pre-heater modules that are independently controlled with optical pyrometers; automated fiducial XY and skew correction; volumetric spray fluxer and drop jet fluxer.

Contact: ACE Production Technologies, 3010 N. Industrial Park, First Street, Spokane Valley, WA 99216 509-924-4898 fax: 509-533-1299 E-mail: Web:

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