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Publication Date: 07/1/2011
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U.S. Schools Continue to Baffle

We keep hearing dire tales about how terrible our public schools are, how ill-prepared our young people are to meet life head-on when they graduate from high school. We didn't hear such stories when I was in public school. For some reason, I remember only too well the time I annoyed a teacher and I and I was made to stand in a corner with my back to the class for what seemed like forever. That was in First Grade in Park Street School — a monstrosity of a Victorian Era wooden building with classrooms on each of three floors. The principal's office was ...
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The Greening of the USA

Each year the solar exhibits at Moscone get larger, with the entire West Hall given over to co-located Intersolar Expo for this year?s session of Semicon West. Of special interest is the fact that most of the exhibitors in the West Hall are not American companies at all. There is a special reason for this: in spite of all of our government's protestations and initiatives for going "green", it is in other countries — in Europe and the Far East — that governments ...
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