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Publication Date: 06/1/2011
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Yamaichi: Junction Box for Si Wafer Modules
Hermetically sealed PV junction box.
Munich, Germany — Yamaichi Electronics has developed a new photovoltaic junction box for crystalline solar modules for the Y-Sol® product family, the new, cost-effective Eco-Si J-Box. It also offers the advantages of the "Hermetic Sealed" overmolding technology.

Crystalline solar modules are in widespread demand and increasingly more cost-effective to manufacture. For this reason, Yamaichi Electronics now offers a special junction box at an attractive price.

The Eco-Si is the first junction box for photovoltaic modules with an IP protection class of IP68. This permits the safe operation of the solar module even under the harshest of conditions. This high protection class was achieved by the consistent use of "Hermetic Sealed" technology. The junction box is not comprised of individual "falling parts". Instead, the cables and electronics are overmolded in a single highly efficient manufacturing operation. This overmolding process gives the junction box its shape and ensures absolute freedom from leaks.

The Eco-Si is also designed for system voltages of 1500V and a load capacity of 12A instead of the usual 1000V. This permits higher voltages for future standards requirements as well (TUV/UL) and applications in photovoltaics.

The flat design, only 22mm high, is easy to stack in production and permits very flat installations.

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