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Publication Date: 06/1/2011
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Isotech Offers Rotomark Table Laser Marking System
Laser marking system.
Hatfield, PA — Isotech Inc. is offering the Rotomark rotary table laser marking system designed for industrial marking solutions of both large quantities and single items.

According to the company, the Rotomark laser marking system allows users to both load and unload product while marking. Increased production is possible by adding the optional X and/or Y axis to accommodate large pallets while using the rotary table function. Other standard rotary type laser marking systems have several disadvantages: they can be difficult to set up and cannot be easily changed to accommodate the processing of single parts once a production run has begun. With other laser marking machines, it is nearly impossible for the operator to see into the marking area because of the rotary table.

The Rotomark laser system provides a special solution to this problem. The design incorporates an extra door which allows for direct access to the marking chamber. This extra door offers easy access for the operator to process single parts or set up the machine using Lasit's proprietary preview function and the SmartFocus.

The SmartFocus console provides a 19-in. LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse, and joystick for quick axes positioning. In addition, the included camera can be used to inspect the marking quality and read the data matrix to certify the readability.

The maximum area in other standard rotary table laser marking machines is approximately 200 x 200mm. The Rotomark laser marking table is available with an X or a Y axis which provides an expanded marking area which includes a 500mm travel X axis. This travel makes it possible to cover a marking area up to 650 x 150mm.

The system can be supplied either with two simultaneous buttons requiring use of both hands to start the process for safety or with light curtains. Both options meet all CDRH/ FDA safety requirements. With the two buttons, the operator must press both buttons until the table completely stops. It will take one or two seconds, but requires the operator's full attention. With light curtains, the operator can just push a button and as soon as the marking is finished the table will automatically turn. The button can also be a special optical type anti-stress type.

The heart of the Rotomark is the index mechanism. The quality of this device affects the performances and reliability of the machine. The Rotomark laser marking system uses a solid, rugged over-dimensioned cam based index mechanism which includes a large bearing (>200mm according to the size of the table) that together with a special cam increases accuracy better than 100µ on a diameter of 800mm. The result: the marking will happen exactly in the same place every turn consistently for hundreds of thousands of rotations.

Contact: Isotech, Inc. 777 Schwab Road, Suite T, Hatfield, PA 19440 800-314-3332 or 267-663-5555 fax: 215-631-9148 Web:

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